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Customer Help Center

Learn how to manage your personal Amilia account and how to shop at an organization's SmartRec store.


Here are recordings and FAQ's from past webinars.

Best Practices

How to register at Amilia University and other tips to help you manage your SmartRec store. If you have any tricks of your own, let us know!

Account Tab

Everything you need to know about your Amilia invoice and configuring your organization's settings in the Account tab.

Clients Tab

Manage your client lists and client billing.

Store Tab

Find out how to customize your online store, create merchandise, fees, fundraisers, gift cards and track user statistics.

Activities Tab

Build your programs, activities, private lessons and keep track of registered participants.

Memberships Tab

Everything your organization needs to know about Memberships, Family Memberships, Multipasses and Subscriptions.

Access Management Tab

Grant access to your premises based on memberships and/or activity enrollments. Check-in/Check-out your clients and track child pickups!

Discounts and Fees Tab

Create powerful discounts that will help you attract new customers and reward loyal ones.

Facilities and Contracts

Manage facilities, admin bookings, online facility bookings and e-signature on rental contracts.

Communities Tab

Locate, verify, define and reach residents within your community in order to provide them with discounts and benefits. These can also include eligibility for government programs, grants and scholarships.

Staff Tab

Learn how to create, recruit and track staff. Don't forget to check out the Amilia app for staff!

Skills Tab

Learn how to create, manage, and assign skills to track participant progress.

Point of Sale

Quickly process, track, and manage your offline merchandise sales with one comprehensive solution that's connected with all your operations.

Communications Tab

Everything you need to know about your email communications.

Reports Tab

Easily access the data you need to make informed decisions.

Accounting and Finance Tab

Everything you need to know about merchant accounts, managing payments, policies, and accounting.

Cost Recovery

Find out how you can effectively use the Cost Recovery tool.


Find out more about our partners and how they can help simplify tasks in your SmartRec back-office!

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