When to contact the organization

In most cases you should contact the organization responsible for your file. Here's a non-exhaustive list of topics they can help you with:

  • A refund 

  • A change to your schedule

  • A question concerning programming

  • An error on the balance in your file

  • Adding a missed or forgotten discount

  • Difficulty making a purchase

When to contact Amilia's customer support

Amilia's customer support team is specialized for advanced intervention that an organization administrator is not able to perform.

  • Updating a password when any other attempt doesn't work

  • An error message appears and tells you to contact us directly

  • Any other situation concerning infrastructure

When speaking with Amilia's support team, we encourage you to take screenshots (if possible) and provide as much detail to help us quickly resolve your issue. 

👉 Our support articles may also help solve most issues. 

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