How to Buy and Use Gift Cards

Gift cards are a thoughtful way to share the joy of activities with family and friends.

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Some organizations sell gift cards in predetermined and/or custom amounts. Visit their SmartRec store to send a gift card (along with a personal message) to a special recipient on a date of your choosing. A gift card must be used in the same store from where it was purchased.

In this article, you'll learn:

1. How to purchase a gift card

Go to the gift card section in the organization's store and choose the card you like.

  • Enter the recipient's name and email. Pick a date to send the gift card.

  • Add a personalized message (there's a limit of 200 characters).

  • At checkout, you can pay for a gift card by credit card or with an account credit.

✏️ Need to edit the recipient's email and/or the send date?

You can do this in the Purchases tab in your personal account,

as long as the gift card hasn't been redeemed by the recipient.

2. How to redeem a gift card you've received

When someone sends you a gift card, you'll receive an email notification in your inbox.

  • Open the email and click the 'Redeem my gift card' button. If you don't have an Amilia personal account, click 'Sign up' to redeem.

  • If you received a gift card for a store you've never visited, you'll first need to consent and agree to sharing your Amilia profile. This is normal.

  • When redeemed, gift card funds appear in the Wallet tab of your personal account, with a link to visit the organization's store from where the gift card was purchased.

3. How to pay for something with a gift card

Buy almost anything in an organization's store with a gift card, except another gift card!

Use a gift card to pay for the full purchase amount or a partial amount, with the remaining balance paid using another accepted payment method.

  • Add an item from the store to your cart and click Checkout.

  • We'll ask if you want to use your available credit for this purchase. Gift cards are considered credit. Gift card credit is used before any other kind of account credit.

  • Next, we'll ask how you'd like to pay for the remaining balance (if any) after the credit has been used towards your purchase.

Need to cancel a purchase and refund your gift card? Contact the organization directly. A gift card refund can't exceed the amount that was paid with the gift card.

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