Our up-and-coming e-signature feature gives organizations the ability to send contracts directly to their clients so they may securely provide their e-signature.

No need for printers, paper or pens!

  • Choose to send contracts directly to clients to e-sign or print and sign on paper

  • Clients can view and sign contracts directly from their personal account

  • Automatically invoice the contract when the client's e-signature is obtained

  • Contracts are stored & readily available to admins and clients

Upon e-signature's release on January 9th 2023, organizations will need to replace their current template(s) with a new e-signature template in order to change the status of all new contracts to 'Approved'. This is necessary whether you choose to leverage e-signatures or keep to manual signatures on paper.

🤷 How can I prepare?

You don't have to do anything before e-signature is released at which point you can download the new template, personalize it (if necessary) and then assign it to your existing, unapproved contracts. We'll publish more details on that later.

Otherwise, you can prep your template(s) now by adding 3 new e-signature tags. This may be ideal if you've personalized your template(s) and don't want to redo the work on the new default template.

If you add the e-signature tags to your current template(s) and save it for later, they'll be compatible when it comes time to swap the old with the new on January 9th 2023. You won't need to download the new e-signature template.

✍️ How do I add e-signature tags to my current template?

Follow these steps to manually update your template(s) with the required tags to support e-signature.

Step 1 - Download the new Contract Template

The template includes the new tags needed when using e-signature!

Step 2 - Open the template you'd like to update in Word

  • Download your existing template(s) from the Contracts > Templates tab.

  • Open the document(s) in Word. Don't worry, it's safe!

Step 3 - Open the new Contract template you just downloaded

Next, copy and paste the 3 new placeholders in your template(s) where you want the e-signature, date and name to appear.

The placeholders are <ElectronicSignature>, <SignDate>, and <PrintName>.

Step 4 - Use the Developer table to verify that the tags were copied with the placeholders (optional)

Click File > Options > Customize Ribbon and then tick Developer to make a new table available in the upper toolbar.

Select the Developer table in the toolbar to see the buttons you'll need to verify whether each tag was copied to its placeholder. For each of the 3 placeholders, repeat the actions below:

  • Highlight the placeholder and ensure that it is formatted as Rich Text.

  • Click on Properties and verify that the Title and Tag display correctly for each placeholder.

    • Title: ElectronicSignature Tag: ElectronicSignature

    • Title: SignDate Tag: SignDate

    • Title: PrintName Tag: PrintName

  • Optional: Click on Design Mode to see the tag codes next to the placeholders.

  • Save your updated template(s) and keep it for later. You'll hear from us soon!

👉 If you have any questions or feedback, let us know at support@amilia.com!

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