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The Public Calendar helps clients plan their next booking at your facilities. Publicly share any of your facility calendars to let customers know when and where you have availability.

How to Create a Public Calendar

Admins require the 'View facilities' permission to create and/or edit public calendars. In the Facilities>Public Calendar subtab, click + New Public Calendar.

🏷️ General information

The calendar name is visible to clients in the store.

πŸ“’ Call to action

After selecting a calendar, the text box appears at the top of the calendar's page.

To optimize this space:

  • Include your business hours for clarity (in the store, facility availability is from 7am to 11:59pm, regardless of your facility's actual opening hours).

  • Use hyperlinks to redirect clients to your official website or anywhere in your store (e.g., the Facility Bookings page).

  • Link your email for clients to contact you. Click here for more details.

  • Check to make the calendar visible to the public. If left unchecked, clients can't see it in your store. The shareable link works regardless of visibility.

  • Use the shareable link at your discretion. The calendar display slightly differs from the calendar display in the store. Plus, facility availability matches your actual opening hours.

πŸ“† Calendar

The start/end dates appear beneath the calendar's name in the store and limit which portion of the schedule can be viewed by clients. Dates outside of the range are greyed out. After the end date is reached, you can remove public visibility or delete the calendar.

A 'reserved' block indicates the time slot is booked. No other details are shown.

πŸ“ Select locations

Add facilities to the calendar. If multiple facilities are added, clients can use a drop-down to select which schedule to view. The facility's address is also available. Add or remove facilities as needed.

Admins can click the icon under the Schedule column to jump to the Facilities>Calendar subtab. Before you do, make sure to save your calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use the Public Calendar?

The Public Calendar can be used by any organization to show the online and offline facility availability of their choosing.

Some organizations may not want to open certain facilities for online bookings but still want the public to see what's available before they call in to make a reservation.

Clients can view the calendar(s) and then send a request (or call) an admin to create the booking for them in the facility calendar.

Can I rename the Public Calendar tab that shows in my store?

Upon activating the feature, a new 'Calendars' tab becomes available in your store.

In the Store>Store Settings subtab, you can modify the title, the order, and the visibility of your tabs as they appear in the store.

What type of links can I include in the Call to action box?

The Call to action box is the text that appears at the top of the page when a client views the calendar. You can include hyperlinks to email addresses, google forms and/or webpages that will help clients communicate their booking needs.

Highlight the desired text and click the πŸ”— icon to add and personalize the link.

How do clients make a reservation after viewing the Public Calendar?

The Public Calendar allows clients to view your facility schedules, but they can't make a reservation directly from this page.

You can include a link in your Call to action to allow clients to jump to any page in your store, such as your Facility Bookings page. Otherwise, you can include an email link or a google forms link so clients can email your organization requesting to make a reservation. Admins must create an admin booking or a contract booking in the facility following a client's request.

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