The Pax A920 terminal provides organizations a different way of taking credit card payments. This integrated, hand-held device allows you to process credit cards on the fly and updates payment details directly in SmartRec.

In this article, you will learn how to:

  1. Order your Pax A920 terminal(s)

  2. Charge the terminal battery

  3. Connect the terminal to your WiFi network and SmartRec

  4. Hardware FAQ's

👉 Click here for more information on how to take payments with your terminal.

1. Order your Pax A920 Terminal(s)

Contact us at to order your Pax A920 terminal(s) and discuss shipping options. Following your order, you will receive an email from Paysafe with more information related to the device. Note that this model is only available to Amilia Payment/Paysafe customers.

The terminal(s) will already be linked to your organization's SmartRec account. Charge the battery and connect the device to your WiFi network and you'll be ready to go!

2. Charge the terminal battery

First, prepare the battery before charging:

  • Push the battery cover slide latch to the right to open.

  • Remove the battery cover and lift out the battery (lift from the bottom).

  • Remove the battery protective strip from the battery connectors (this is important).

  • Re-insert the battery and casing, pushing back the cover slide latch to the left.

🔋 To charge, plug the micro USB cable to the charging port on the left side of the device. The port should be plugged into the wall (a PC doesn't provide enough power). Once it's fully charged, switch on the Pax A920 by pressing the power button on the right side for 2-4 seconds. Allow the terminal to load and follow the instructions that appear on the screen (if required).

3. Connect the terminal to your WiFi network and SmartRec

Connect the terminal to the desired WiFi network. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same network used on your computer.

  • After the terminal has loaded, a window should automatically open asking you to select your WiFi network. If not, on the terminal's main screen, tap Settings and then WiFi. (If you're prompted to enter a password after tapping the 'Settings', type in: pax9876@@ ).

  • Select the desired network from the list of available WiFi networks.

  • Enter the WiFi password, and tap Connect.

  • When the terminal has successfully connected, it will confirm this action by displaying “Connected” below the network name.

  • Next, tap on the Handpoint app icon on the terminal screen.

  • Within the Handpoint app, tap on the ⚙️ Settings icon.

  • You must swipe the Integrated mode to 'On' to allow the terminal and Amilia to communicate with each other.

💻 You must view your connected terminal(s) in the Account>Terminals subtab. Click and type in the Alias column to change the name for easier identification. The Serial number in SmartRec corresponds to the serial number on the back of the terminal.

In rare cases, you may see an extra terminal appear within the first 24 hours of activation. This 'extra' terminal record should disappear shortly.

Hardware FAQ's

1. How do I change the printer paper roll?

The Pax A920 includes an in-built printer for printing receipts with a thermal paper roll. Here are the steps for changing the printer paper roll:

  • On the back of the card reader, pull down the paper lid release leaver and take the whole lid casing away.

  • Remove the paper roll by simply pulling it out of the slot.

  • Insert the new thermal paper roll in the same slot with the glossy side of the paper sheet facing out the top.

  • Pull out around 2 inches of the paper sheet and close the close over it, until the lid snaps into place. Tear off any excess paper.

2. Why isn't the integrated terminal listed in the Account>Terminals subtab?

Each terminal you ordered should be visible in SmartRec from the moment it arrives in the mail. Please contact us at if this is not the case.

3. Which types of payment does the integrated terminal support?

The Pax A920 's contactless payment system supports near field communication for making secure payments with credit cards. This means clients can simply tap their credit card on the device screen to pay.

Additionally, the terminal supports chip & pin, chip & signature, card swiping and contactless phone payments using NFC technology, which means clients can pay with an e-wallet (e.g. Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.).

4. Can I use the built-in camera on the integrated terminal?

At the current time, the integration with the Pax A920 and SmartRec does not support the use of the terminal's camera.

5. Does the terminal come with a warranty?

The terminal comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, Handpoint. In the event your terminal is damaged or broken, please contact us at

6. How do I get terminal accessories (e.g.; paper rolls)?

The Charging Base, Multi-Functional Wireless Base and other accessories (such as printer rolls) are available online from third party retailers like Amazon.

7. Do I have to use WiFi to connect to the internet?

Although WiFi is the most widely used means of connecting your terminal to the internet, you can also use a 3G/4G SIM card or purchase an A920 docking station (on Amazon or another third party) that allows the terminal to use a LAN connection.

8. What happens if the Handpoint app isn't on the screen?

In the unlikely event the Handpoint app isn't available on the main screen:

  • Click on the PAXSTORE icon.

  • Search for “Handpoint”.

  • The app looks like a purple credit card with the Mastercard Logo on it.

Once downloaded, you should be able to continue the setup process.

9. Why does the terminal go offline when it's in sleep mode?

By default, the terminal disconnects from the internet when it's in sleep mode so that it can save resources. The good news is that this setting can be changed:

  • Go to Device Settings and click on Battery.

  • Next, click on App standby optimizer.

  • Click on the Payments app and then turn off the App optimized option.

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