As this feature is under active development, it's likely you'll notice changes in behavior and style along the way.

Having an overview of what types of bookings were made in your facilities is a great way to understand how your facilities are being used. This information can be viewed in a pie chart and a detailed report in the Overview subtab in the Facilities tab.

The pie chart displays the top booking types across all your facilities that are happening during the month that you are viewing. Some examples of booking types include activities, online bookings, admin bookings, rental contracts, and private lessons.

If you would like to see the number of hours of each booking type, place your mouse over the name of the booking type or the booking type’s color in the chart.

You can click on the month or the calendar icon that is to the top right of the chart to change month that the chart will display.

The Detailed report accessed gives you access to facility usage data for a specific time frame. It can be accessed by clicking on “Detailed report” below the chart.

This report includes: facility name and address, start date and time, end date and time, duration of the booking (hours), booking type, booking name, client name and client ID (if applicable), community segment (if applicable).

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