You can suspend a subscription temporarily for all clients so that none are billed for that period. Unlike pausing a subscription for a single client, it takes a few steps to manually pause a subscription for all your clients.

In the Memberships tab, choose a subscription with active or inactive users.

  • Open the subscription to edit.

  • If desired, change the expiration date.
    If you selected Expires on, simply change the date. This will update the expiration date for everyone.
    If you selected Expires after, you will not be able to add additional time but you can change it to Expires on and set an expiration date.

  • Change the price to $0 and apply this change to Everyone.

  • Save your changes when you're done.

This will ensure that your clients are not charged for the following month(s). However, they will still receive an invoice of $0.

When you want to activate the subscription again, simply change its price back to the original price.

If you activated the prorated price on a subscription, you can calculate how much each day is worth by using this formula: 

Subscription cost / Amount of days in the month = 1 day value in $

Once you have calculated how much you are looking to charge, you can follow these steps: 

  • From the Clients tab, select Add Filter.

  • Choose Membership and select the subscription you are looking to charge the prorated price to from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the matching client list and push Operations.

  • Click on Create invoice.

  • You can then charge the prorated price with the correct ledger code. You can also add details about why they are seeing this charge on their account.

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