Subscriptions may be cancelled by the admin or the client. Expired or cancelled subscriptions removes the client from the activities they were registered to using the subscription. No further invoices are generated when a subscription is terminated.

Unless an admin cancels a subscription via the invoice, cancelled or expiring subscriptions are terminated one day before the next billing date.

How it Works

1.  Cancelling as an Admin

2. Cancelling as a Client

3. Cancellation Notifications

1. Cancelling as an Admin 

An admin may cancel a subscription in a client's account via the Purchases tab or the last subscription invoice. Please read carefully as the results differ between cancellation methods.

From the Purchases Tab

Within the client's account, view and/or cancel a participant's subscription under their Active Memberships. Each subscription shows the upcoming billing date, the expiration date (if configured) as well as the date a subscription is scheduled for termination (if set).

  • Find the subscription under the participant's name.

  • Click on Cancel Subscription and choose the month of termination.

  • If a Billing Day is set, the client has access until the end of the month of termination.

  • If the purchase date is the monthly billing date, the client has access up until 1 day before the billing date in the month of termination.

  • A notification is sent to the account owner.

  • Once applied, you can't delete the cancellation date. You can only edit the date if the new date you wish to replace it with is earlier than the one you originally indicated. If you mistakenly schedule a cancellation and can't edit it to the date you wish, you must wait for the subscription to expire and then repurchase it for the client.

  • A record of the expired/terminated subscription remains in the client's Purchases tab.

From the last subscription invoice

This method should be used if a subscription was purchased by mistake.

  • Locate the most recent applicable subscription invoice and click Cancel.

  • You may credit the invoice and refund the client (if necessary).

  • Canceling the invoice removes the subscription completely from the client's file. The client loses all the subscription's privileges immediately.

  • A notification is sent to the account owner.

  • The only record of the subscription will be the invoices in the Client Billing tab. No record will be visible in the client's Purchases tab nor the Memberships>Subscriptions subtab.

2. Cancelling as a Client

Clients may cancel a subscription from the Purchases tab in their personal account.

  • They may cancel immediately; or

  • Be required to submit a request to terminate the subscription. A notification is sent to the admin who must confirm the request and specify the termination month for the cancellation to be finalized.

If a client cancels their subscription immediately, the subscription is cancelled 1 day before the next billing date and no further invoices will occur.

When a client requests to terminate the subscription, you'll see an icon to confirm the cancellation as well as the date the client sent the request. When you select to terminate, the subscription cancels 1 day before the next billing date in the month of termination and no further invoicing occur.

3. Cancellation Notifications

Notifications are sent to the account owner and the main contact email of your organization (see in the Account>Main Information subtab).

An email is sent to the administrator when:

  • A client immediately cancels a subscription;

  • A client requests to terminate a subscription;

  • A saved credit card is about to expire; 

  • An automatic payment from a saved credit card has failed.

An email is sent to the client (account owner) when:

  • An administrator immediately cancels a subscription;

  • An administrator accepts a client's request to cancel and immediately cancels the subscription or cancels it for a future date;

  • A saved credit card is about to expire;

  • An automatic payment from a saved credit card has failed.

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