When configuring your subscription, you must choose how clients can access it in your organization's store as well as how many activities can be purchased using the same subscription plan. 

In this article you will learn about:

1.  Buying a Subscription via the Activities Section 

2. Buying a Subscription via the Memberships Section

3. Reaching the Maximum Number of Activities Allowed 

1. Buying a Subscription via the Activities Section

One way a client can purchase a subscription in your store is via an activity. When selecting a subscription-based activity, the client is prompted to choose a subscription in order to register (if they don't already have an eligible subscription). Clients can register to as many activities as their subscription permits.

Scenario: A client selects an activity that has two eligible subscription plans.

Eligible subscriptions: Unlimited Amilia Gym (Zumba included) - 80$/month or Unlimited Amilia Gym (Zumba and Pilates included) - 100$/month

  • When a subscription is linked to an activity, the price displayed reflects the monthly charge of the subscription. If multiple subscriptions are assigned, a price range is shown.

  • After selecting a member, SmartRec prompts the client to choose a subscription.

  • At checkout, the client sees the activity at no cost followed by the subscription price.

    • When a subscription allows for more than one activity to be purchased, those activities can be selected at no cost. Only the subscription is charged.

    • When purchasing a subscription, clients must save their credit card or eCheck and authorize your organization to charge it at checkout. If not, the client cannot proceed and the purchase cannot be finalized. Keep in mind even admins must use a saved payment method or save a different payment method to the wallet when purchasing a subscription on behalf of a client (unless the client has never logged into their personal account).

  • The client pays the subscription price at checkout and is billed automatically each month for the length of time they keep the subscription. The subscription price is influenced if you enable pro rata, discounts and/or additional charges.

2. Buying a Subscription via the Memberships Section 

Prior to choosing an activity, clients can buy a subscription if it's displayed in the store's Memberships section. This may be the case if the subscription does not require enrolling to an activity or if clients have reached the maximum number of activities specified in their subscription and wish to buy another plan so they may enroll to additional subscription-based activities.  Clients are invoiced monthly once a subscription is purchased, regardless if activities have been chosen or not.

  • Ensure your subscription is visible and available for purchase in the store.

  • Clients can choose the subscription in the Memberships section of your store.

  • Subscriptions are listed alongside your individual memberships.

👉 A client can purchase a subscription without choosing an activity, however, they will be automatically billed every month. Clients need to be aware if they must select an activity along with their subscription.

Click here to view the subscription article available to your clients. 

3. Reaching the Maximum Number of Activities on a Subscription

Admins can decide if there is a limit on the number of activities clients can enroll in using a subscription plan. Once a client has reached the maximum number (if defined), they won't be able to enroll in additional subscription-based activities using the same subscription.

  • If other eligible subscriptions exist, the client is prompted to choose a new one when they attempt to register; or

  • If no other subscription exists, the client's name is barred when they try to register

👉 When purchasing a subscription on your client's behalf, administrators will not experience this behavior seeing as restrictions do not apply to them in the store.

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