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Admins require the Membership permission(s) in order to manage subscriptions.

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How it Works

  1. Configure a Subscription

  2. Link a Subscription to an Activity

  3. View and/or Edit your Subscriptions

    - View and/or edit a client's subscription

  4. FAQ

1. Configure a Subscription

In the Memberships tab, click +New membership and select Subscription.

📖 General 

  • The subscription's name and description are visible to the client. 

  • When will the subscription become visible in the store?:  Set the visibility settings of your subscription at any time.

    • Immediately available for purchase in the Memberships section of your store and available for purchase if it's linked to an activity.

    • Schedule which date it's available for purchase in the Memberships section of your store and available for purchase if linked to an activity.

    • Hidden from store means you can't see or buy it in the Memberships section of your store. However, it's still available for purchase if linked to an activity, in which case clients are prompted to buy it.

    • Unavailable from store means it can't be purchased by clients at all. However, the subscription remains active for clients that bought it prior to becoming unavailable. Admins can still buy this subscription on behalf of clients. 

  • Maximum Activities: You can specify which activities clients can enroll in using a subscription. Useful for bundles (Gold= all activities, Silver= 5 activities, etc.).

  • When will this subscription expire?: Once expired, a subscription can no longer be used. Clients are removed from any activity they were subscribed to with the subscription, in which case they must purchase a new subscription and register to the activity again. If the subscription expires after (X) period, you may send renewal notifications to your clients. By law, organizations in Quebec must provide a renewal option to their subscribers for subscriptions that span 12 months or longer.

📆 Additional Settings

  • Billing Day: The recurring day of the month clients are billed for the subscription. If left blank, the client's purchase date becomes the billing date.

  • Effective Date: The subscription becomes active and can be used to register to activities. Subscriptions can be bought before they become effective (as is the case with preregistration).

  • Pro Rata: Depending on when they register, charge clients the remaining occurrences (or days) in the month rather than the full subscription price. Click here to learn more.

  • Price: Clients are invoiced the subscription price each month. If you edit the price after a subscription has been sold, you can choose if the new price is applied to new purchases only, everyone but clients with a custom price or everyone.

  • Input a price and choose whether clients can pay by credit card and/or eCheck.

  • A subscription's price at checkout can be influenced if you prorate, apply discounts and/or add additional charges.

🔴 Restrictions (Optional)

  • Choose if an age requirement must be met in order to buy the subscription.

❌ Cancellation

  • Clients can cancel themselves: Clients may cancel the subscription from their user account. A notification is sent to the admin. No further action is necessary.

  • Clients must request to cancel: Clients must first send a request to cancel. An admin must confirm the request in order to terminate the subscription. The client is invoiced for the subscription up until the approved cancellation date that has been set. Click here to learn more.

📃 Forms (Optional)

You can assign an Adult and/or Child form to be completed upon the purchase of the subscription. If a question already appears on another registration form the client has already filled out, they won't need to complete the same question again.

🌐 Community segments (Optional)

If necessary, you can limit the purchase of this subscription to clients within your community segment(s).

A subscription plan can be linked to one or multiple activities. Clients can register to as many activities (as you specified) using the same subscription plan.

In the Activities>Edit subtab, edit the Session:

  • Price of the activity: This must be set to 0$, as the subscription price will be charged rather than the activity. If an activity can still be purchased without using a subscription, create a copy of the activity with a 0$ price for subscription purposes only.

  • Pro Rata: Keep unchecked. Pro Rata is configured within the actual subscription.

  • Drop-ins: Must be disabled.

Scroll down the activity to the Subscriptions section:

  • Select which subscription(s) can be used to register to the activity. You can change this setting at any time.

  • Save when finished.

3. View and/or Edit your Subscriptions 

Subscriptions and their members are managed in the Memberships tab.

  • Click and drag to re-order your items as they appear in the store (filters can't be applied). To export data, mark the subscription(s) and click Operations

  • Edit to make changes to the subscription, which are applied to future invoices for existing members. Some fields can't be edited after a subscription has been sold.

  • Archive a subscription if it's been used but is no longer necessary. This cancels the automatic monthly billing. Delete a subscription if it's never been used.

👨‍👧‍👦 View and/or edit a client's subscription

Click a subscription's name to view the list of enrolled members.

  • Use the Status filter to see active/inactive members. If you apply a date range, visible names are based on enrollments during that time period.

  • If a client buys the same subscription after their previous one expires, their name appears in both the Active/Inactive lists (the effective dates will differ between each record).

Click Edit subscription to manage a single client's subscription:

  • Edit the monthly subscription Price and/or Billing day. Click here to learn more.

  • Cancel the subscription by selecting the month of cancellation.

  • Pause the subscription. Depending on the pause length, the client isn't charged for the subscription, nor can it be used to enroll and/or participate in eligible activities.

You may also edit a client's subscription Price and/or Billing day from the Purchases subtab in the client's file, beneath their 'Active Memberships'.

Finally, to edit the payment method on a client's upcoming subscription payment, click the Upcoming payments subtab in the client's file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change a subscription's Billing day and Price after it's been sold?

You can't modify a subscription's Billing day after it's been sold. Instead, you can edit the Billing day for individual members.

You can modify a subscription's Price at any time and choose to whom the new price applies (new purchases only, everyone but clients with a custom price or everyone).

What happens when I edit the Billing day on a client's subscription?

Editing a client's Billing day means the client's subscription will henceforth be charged on the new day of the month. The next invoice amount is prorated to make up the days or occurrences they already paid/didn't pay for on their last invoice (prior to the change).

Let's say a client was initially being charged 100$ on the 10th of every month.

  • If the Billing day is changed to the 15th, the client's next invoice will be for 100$ (to pay for the month in advance) ➕ prorata (the 5 days they haven't paid).

  • If the Billing day is changed to the 5th, the client's next invoice will be for 100$ (to pay for the month in advance) ➖ prorata (since they already paid from the 5th to the 10th on their last invoice).

👉 If you change a client's Billing day, the proration applied on the next invoice is mandatory. The normal subscription amount is charged every month afterwards.

Does a subscription have to be linked to an activity?

Not necessarily. Some organizations offer subscriptions that aren't contingent on participating in a specific activity, such as when selling open access to a gym.

A subscription can simply be purchased in the Memberships section of your store.

Can I set up a one-time fee when a client buys a subscription?

This is possible if your subscription is being used to enroll to activities. First, create a merchandise item to serve as your fee. Next, make the merchandise mandatory for purchase on subscription eligible activities.

Once the client buys the merchandise item the first time, they won't be required to buy it again to enroll in other subscription eligible activities.

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