An organization may sell access to an activity or service on a monthly subscription basis. Once purchased, you are automatically billed an amount each month for as long as you or your account member(s) remain subscribed.

In this article you will learn:

1.  How to buy a subscription

   - Via an activity
   - Via the Memberships section in the store
   - How many activities can I buy with a subscription?

2. How subscriptions are billed automatically

3. How to cancel a subscription

4. What email notifications you'll receive

1. How to Buy a Subscription

There are two ways you can select a subscription plan:

  • Via an activity:  Certain activities may need require a subscription to enroll. When choosing a participant, a pop-up window prompts you to select a subscription (if one is not already owned). By adding the plan to your cart, you can enroll in the activity.

  • Via the Memberships section:  If an organization allows it, you can select a subscription in the Memberships section of their Amilia store. This may be the case if a subscription doesn't require you to enroll in activities (ex: a library subscription).

👉 Depending on the organization, a subscription can be used to enroll in one or more activities and only pay the subscription price every month. However, a subscription can also have a limit to the number of activities in which you can enroll. You can't register to more than the number of activities allowed.

Via an activity 

When a subscription is available for an activity, the price in the store reflects the monthly charge (per person) for the subscription. When multiple subscription plans are available, the lowest price is shown.

  • This activity shows a range in the price per month, indicating there's more than one plan available.

  • Each participant needs a subscription to enroll. You will be prompted to choose a plan.

  • Once selected, the participant can enroll freely to activities that are eligible with the same subscription. However, there may be a limit to the number of activities you can register in using the same subscription plan.

  •  At checkout, only the subscription is billed. You'll also receive an invoice each month you or your account member(s) keep the subscription.

  • An organization may require you to save your payment details and grant authorization at checkout, so they can automatically process your payment along with the monthly subscription invoice. If so, grant authorization in order to complete your purchase.

Via the Memberships Section in the Store 

Subscriptions may be offered in the Memberships section of the online store. This is useful when a subscription doesn't require enrolling to an activity or if you want to buy a subscription first and register to an activity later (don't forget to do so!). Subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis once they are purchased, even if you did not enroll in any activities.

How Many Activities can I Buy Using a Subscription?  

The organization decides if there is or isn't a limit to the number of activities you can enroll in using a particular subscription. If a limit is set and you've reached the maximum allowed, SmartRec prevents you from using the same subscription to enroll in additional subscription-based activities. The person's name will be greyed out.

If other eligible subscriptions exist, choose one that SmartRec prompts you with or buy another plan in the Memberships section of the store. If no other subscription plan is available, you won't be able to enroll. Contact your organization to discuss your options.

2. How Subscriptions are Billed Automatically

After you've paid at checkout, you'll receive a monthly subscription invoice as of the date it was purchased or a specific day of the month. If you authorized the organization to use your credit card or bank account, your payment will be automatically processed as well.

👉 View the date(s) of the upcoming payment(s) in the Purchases tab. If you authorized the organization to use your card, you can view upcoming payments in the Wallet tab.

Access your invoice and payment records via the Billing tab:

  • On Feb 18th, the client purchased a subscription and paid in full. They authorized the organization to charge their credit card.

  • One month later, the client is automatically invoiced for the monthly subscription.

  • The client's credit card is automatically charged for the subscription.

  • Click on the applicable invoice and/or payment to view its details.

  • If you did not give authorization to the organization, you can pay your balance via the Billing tab or contact the organization directly.

In general, each month you will be invoiced the same amount that you were billed when the subscription was purchased. However, there may be a price difference depending on whether the subscription was prorated, a discount was applied and/or additional fees.

If you have any questions, contact the organization's administrator.

3. How to Cancel a Subscription

Subscriptions can be terminated by you or the administrator. This also cancels enrollment to any applicable activities you were subscribed to.

In the Purchases tab:

  • Select the organization with whom you have the subscription.

  • Find the member with the subscription under the Memberships header.

  • Beneath the subscription is the 'Next Billing Date', along with 'Cancel subscription'.

  • Click to Cancel subscription.

Request to Cancel or Cancel Immediately

The organization decides whether you must first submit a request for cancellation or if you may cancel immediately. 

  • If a request is required, click 'Request to terminate this subscription'. You'll receive an email once the request has been approved.

  • If a request is not required, click to terminate the subscription immediately. Benefit from your subscription up until the date specified. No further invoicing will occur.

  • Details on the status of your subscription will appear underneath the subscription.

4. Email Notifications

You (the account owner) will receive email notifications when:

  • Submitting a request to terminate a subscription; 

  • The administrator approves your cancellation request (if applicable); 

  • You or the administrator immediately cancels a subscription;

  • Your saved credit card is about to expire;

  • An automatic payment from your saved credit card has failed. 

Depending on the organization, you may also receive notifications when your subscription is close to expiring:

  • Upon receiving this type of notification, you may be able to automatically renew your subscription.

  • Upon receiving this type of notification, you may choose to cancel your subscription.

These notifications are available in your personal account in the Communications tab. They are also sent to your personal email address.

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