You can quickly cancel (and credit) most booking types directly from a facility's calendar. Keep in mind payments cannot be refunded via the Calendar subtab and admins need to have the Invoicing permission enabled to cancel a booking with an invoice.

How to Quick Cancel

Via the Facilities>Calendar subtab:

  • You may filter by booking type to find the booking event and click on it. 

  • Click on the booking's payment status (PAID or UNPAID).

  • Click Cancel to cancel the booking.  NOTE: Click View Invoice if you prefer to view and/or cancel the invoice within the client billing tab. 

  • Once cancelled, the invoice amount is credited in the client's account and the facility becomes available again. 

Online Facility Bookings, Admin Bookings with an Invoice and Private Lessons 

  • To quick cancel Rental Contracts, click on the red Cancel Contract button. 

  • The contract is archived in the Rentals tab and a credit memo is applied in the client's billing tab. 

Rental Contracts

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