You can search for clients using an invoice number. When we do bookkeeping, it's often the invoice numbers/receipts that stand out rather than client names. We've developed a filter to use in the Clients>Accounts subtab.

How do I search by invoice number?

To make your first search by invoice number, click on the Clients tab, then make sure you are on the Accounts subtab.

You should now see your client list as well as a box with the title "Add a filter".

Click on the box and you should see a drop-down menu appear on your screen. One of the last choices on the list should be "invoice number".

Click on "Invoice number” to populate a field to input the invoice number.

Enter the invoice number to bring up the name of the participant to whom the invoice belongs.

Not more than one name should appear in the results when a search by invoice number is performed.

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