Following the request of several customers, the addition of mass invoice and/or credits can be done from the Clients>People subtab, so that you can filter your customers as accurately as possible.

To mass invoice or credit, go to Clients>People.

  • Add filter to sort your customers. 

  • Select the people to whom you want to add an invoice or credit by checking the box next to their name.

  • From the drop-down menu Operations, add an invoice or credit.
    NOTE: Whether it is an invoice or a credit, it is important to select the right type, the right ledger code and the right amount. You can also determine if taxes are included, not included or waived. 

  • Once your transation is completed, click on Save. The invoice or credit will be added to your customers’ account.

NOTE: If you select two or more people that are in the same account, only one invoice will be created with an item for each invoice or credit associated with the account. 

Under what circumstances should you use the mass invoice/credit tool? 

To ensure your proper adoption of the tool, here is a common scenario where the mass invoice/credit tool can be used:

Clients have registered to an activity that takes place at your pool, however, the pool is unavailable as it requires repairs. In this circumstance, you would have two choices: postpone the activity to a later date, or offer a mass credit to all the participants that registered.
As mentioned above, you could filter your clients by activity under the Clients>People tab. Then, you could add a credit equivalent to one occurrence of the activity to all your clients that had registered.

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