You can easily restrict access to an activity by making a membership mandatory for registration.

You can make the purchase of one, several, or all memberships mandatory for registration to an activity.

If the client does not already have the required membership, the system will prompt him/her to add it to the invoice along with the desired activity. If the client already holds the valid membership(s), the system will allow registration to proceed as normal.

  • To proceed, first go to ACTIVITIES > EDIT

  • Choose the desired activity, then click on Memberships

  • Check the option to have at least one or all selected memberships.

If you have existing memberships, they will be listed here to choose from. Otherwise, a link to the Memberships tab will be displayed. You can then create a membership to use.

NOTE: If you select 'At least one of the memberships are required', only one membership will be required for the activity. If you select multiple memberships, the client will only be required to hold one of the options to register.

Repeat these steps for all the desired activities.

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