A physical, post-dated check is recorded as a successful payment once it has been deposited in SmartRec. You still must physically deposit the check at your banking institution, who will notify you in the event it's been refused.

Post-dated checks can be deposited in two ways:

Deposit Post-Dated Checks from the Operations Menu

You can deposit post-dated checks for one client, or multiple clients simultaneously.

In the Clients>Accounts subtab:

  • Open the Operations menu and select Deposit post-dated checks.

  • A new window appears to show every client account with a post-dated check.

  • Search for the client record(s) or click the headers to change the client ranking.

  • Select all clients by checking the top Name box or select individually.

  • To deposit for multiple clients, click the Operations menu and then Cash in.

  • To deposit for one client at time, click Cash in under the Actions column.

Deposit Post-Dated Checks from the Upcoming Payments subtab

You can deposit post-dated checks for a specific client within their account.

In the client's account, click on Upcoming payments:

  • If any post-dated checks exist, you will see a Checks section.

  • Find the post-dated check and click on Deposit Check under the Actions column. You can't select multiple post-dated checks at once.

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