In order for your organization's waiver to appear when your clients register themselves or account members, create a 'User agreement' extra question and add it to your applicable form(s). SmartRec prompts clients to agree to your User agreement when registering to an activity and/or membership linked to an applicable form.

How it Works

1. Create the 'User agreement' Extra Question

2. Add the Extra Question to your Form(s)

3. What Clients can Expect in the Store

1. Create the User Agreement Extra Question

In the Account>Forms>Extra Questions subtab:

  • Click on + New extra question

  • Choose the Answer Type: User Agreement

  • Complete the necessary fields. Since it has smart formatting, it does not support HTML.

    • To configure your form questions in both English and French, be sure to check mark the 'Bilingual' option in the Account>Main Information subtab. 

  • Validation:  If you want clients to have an option to skip your waiver, select Visible. If you want to force clients to accept your waiver, select Required. If only club admins can bypass accepting the waiver, select Admin Optional

  • Label Position: Determines the placement of your question. Do you want it to be above, below or to the side of the waiver?

  • Save. 

2. Add the Extra Question to your Form(s)

In the Account>Forms subtab:

  • Click Modify next to the form(s) you want to apply the extra question.

  • Scroll down and click the Extra questions button at the bottom. 

  • Select the appropriate Extra Question or add a new one.

👉 Repeat this process for each form that requires your 'User Agreement' extra question. We suggest adding it to both your Adult and Child registration forms.

3. What Clients can Expect in the Store

In the example below, a membership was selected for an account member. 

  • At checkout, the registration form needs to be completed. Notice the User agreement question. 

  • Once the client clicks the 'Read me' button, the text you included in the 'User Agreement' will appear. 

  • Once the client clicks on 'I accept', the words 'I have read and agreed' appear beneath the user agreement question. 

As an admin, you can view this information in the client's file via Clients>Account Members and scroll to the ? Extra questions portion of the Active Forms.

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