Your online SmartRec store is an extension of your business, which is why we provide several ways to add your own personal touch! 

Click on the Store>Store Settings>Customize subtab to modify the:

  1. Store tabs

  2. Shopping cart timer

  3. Colors and background image

  4. Activity spots display

  5. Price display settings

  6. Legal disclaimer

1. Customize your Tabs

By default, tabs are displayed in the store like this:

Use the menu to change the title, order, and visibility of tabs in the store:

  • Position: Determine in which order tabs are listed (first to last).

  • Type: This cannot be modified.

  • Title: Change the title of the tab (e.g. edit "Merchandise" to read "Buy Stuff").

  • Visible: If necessary, toggle the visibility so it no longer appears in your Store.

2. Shopping Cart

How long do you want a cart session to remain active for a client while they shop? When an item sits in the cart, it's considered 'reserved' until the client chooses to purchase or remove it. By default, the cart session times out after 30 minutes.

You can configure a warning pop up to appear X minutes before the cart times out.

3. Colors & Background Image

You can change the colors and background image used in the store:

  • Color: Select a color from the palette to be used as the color of your store tabs as well as the Header block.

  • Background Color: Select any color from the palette. This will change the white background currently set as white by default.

  • Background Image: From your computer, select a jpg. file to display on the store background (it's set as white by default). If your image does not occupy the entire background, select a Background Color to fill the empty space.

4. Spot Availability

Choose if (and how) you want available spots for an activity to show in the store.

Here's what the "Spots remaining" setting looks like. Below, 4 available spots are left in this activity. If you choose "Never Show", then the 'Available' field will not appear.

5. Price Display Settings

If you have activities and/or other offers with eligible discounts, you can display a price range in the store that demonstrates the lowest and highest price the client could potentially pay for an item.

  • To include a tag below the price that shows which discount(s) are eligible on an offer, make sure to 'display the discount in store', when configuring your discount in the Discounts and fees>Discounts subtab.

Below are the discounts that currently support the price range feature:

- Early Bird Discount - Age Discount

- Location Discount - Community Segment Discount

- Membership Discount - Loyalty

- Multi-Person Discount - Multi-Person Multi-Discount

- Combo Discount - Combo Multi-Discount

6. Legal Notice

Text added in this box appears as your Terms and Conditions in your SmartRec store. Click here to find out more ways to add your club waiver!

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