Your organization may require a photo ID for identification purposes, and if your client has any difficulty completing this on their own, you can assist them in their client account directly. Please ensure that your customer has first provided you with his picture to be saved to your computer, or are able to access the picture online.

Under Clients > Accounts, click on the customer's name.

Under Account Members > Personal Info, click on Change the picture:

Select the option Choose an image:

Once the image has been selected and cropped, click on the Upload tab to add it to the account.

Please note that your customers can make changes to their account at any time. 

They must login to their personal account at

Once they access their Account, they can follow the same steps you did, under the Members tab. A photo can be uploaded for each individual member in the account. You can also send this link that gives them the step-by-step instructions.

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