When you create a booking in the Facilities>Calendar subtab, SmartRec lets you know if it conflicts with your existing schedule.

Keep an eye on the Schedule and Conflicts tabs in your new reservation.

Schedule tab

If the new reservation conflicts with another, their occurrences and booking type are listed at the bottom of the Schedule tab, with more info in the Conflicts tab.

In the example below, someone may have a problem.

Conflicts tab

Here you'll see schedule info for every conflicting occurrence in the calendar. The banner color(s) show the reservation's booking type.

In the example below, the new reservation conflicts with a total of 4 occurrences from 2 different activities (Paper Art & Glue it and Do it).

What should I do in the event of a conflict?

You have three options:

  • You can still save a new reservation despite conflicts.

  • Change the schedule in the new reservation

  • Change the schedule in the conflicting reservation.

When no conflicts exist, the warning icon disappears from the Conflicts tab.

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