Accurate facility schedules make it easier to visualize your availability when booking an activity or reserving space(s) for clients.ย Facilities are booked in several ways:

Below, we review how to create an admin booking with or without an invoice.

How it Works

  1. Create an Admin Booking in the Calendar

  2. Configure your Admin Booking

    - Schedule tab

    - Information tab

    - Conflicts tab

  3. Booking with an Invoice

    - Clients tab

    - Pricing tab

    - When saving a booking with an invoice

  4. Edit or Delete an Admin Booking

  5. FAQ

1. Create an Admin Booking in the Calendar

First, admins with the right permissions must access the facility's calendar:

  • In the Facilities subtab, click the calendar icon next to the facility; or

  • In the Calendar subtab, select one or more facilities from the drop-down.

Next, click +New booking or click the time slot on the calendar to create a booking.

You can change the calendar view to month, week, day, etc. The calendar reflects the facility's opening hours and current availability.

2. Configure your Admin Booking

The 'New reservation' window has three sections. Two additional sections appear when booking with an invoice.

๐Ÿ“† Schedule tab

Create your booking's schedule, add buffers, and assign staff.

Location: The facility where the booking occurs. You may add multiple facilities in the reservation if you're booking without an invoice. You can only select one facility if you're booking with an invoice. If you select a parent facility, the entire facility is booked. If you select a child facility, only that sub-facility is booked.

Recurrence: The booking's schedule (one-time only or a recurring event).

Buffers: Buffer periods can be added before and/or after if time is needed to prep the space between bookings. For example, if a booking ends at 4pm, followed by a 15-minute buffer; the next available time to book is no earlier than 4:15pm. Clients are not charged for buffer time. Admin permission is required.

Assigned staff: Add one or more staff to the event. The booking will appear in their schedule and can be viewed in the Amilia app for staff.

๐Ÿ“˜ Information tab

Label your booking in the calendar with an event type, name, and description.

Event Type: Select what kind of booking you're adding in the calendar. Learn more about booking types here.

Name: This name appears in the calendar.

Description (optional): Add useful details to your booking.

โš ๏ธ Conflicts tab

If your new reservation conflicts with an existing booking, a red icon appears in the Conflicts tab alerting you of the event already scheduled. You can delete/modify your new reservation or save it anyway.

  • In the example below, an admin is attempting to book a spot that is already occupied by an existing booking (Client tour).

3. Booking with an Invoice

If you're booking with an invoice, it creates an invoice after you save the booking. Two extra sections in the New reservation window must be configured.

You can't edit bookings with an invoice. It must be canceled in the client's billing.

๐Ÿ™‹ Clients tab

Choose one client to invoice:

  • + Add new client if they don't already exist in your database; or

  • Search and Select an existing client profile.

๐Ÿ’ฒ Pricing tab

Select one of two pricing types for the invoice:

  • Price schedules are rates you create to charge for use of the facility; or

  • Specify a flat fee and applicable taxes to charge for the booking.

What happens after saving a booking with an invoice?

After the booking is saved, an invoice appears in the client's billing.

  • Expand it to see the booking's name and the facility's ledger code.

  • No email notification is sent to the client when the invoice is created.

From the calendar, click the booking to see the Event details and if the invoice is PAID or UNPAID (this is based on whether the invoice is reconciled with a payment).

โ— You can send a notification to your organization about this purchase (after it's been paid) by personalizing your email preferences.

4. Edit or Delete an Admin Booking

In the Facilities>Calendar subtab, click the booking to view the Event details.

๐Ÿฅ  Admin booking without an invoice

  • If you edit this event, you'll be modifying (or deleting) that one occurrence.

  • If you edit all events, you'll be modifying (or deleting) all the booking's occurrences (this option isn't available if the reservation only occurs once).

๐Ÿงพ Admin booking with an invoice

  • You can't edit an admin booking with an invoice. It can only be canceled.

  • Click the drop-down to view the invoice in the client's billing; or

  • Cancel the booking, which cancels the invoice and credits the client. Any refund must be done in the client's billing.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Which permissions are required to manage facilities and add buffers?

Admins have access based on their Facilities permissions:

๐Ÿ”‘ View facilities (required): View facilities and online facility booking configurations.

๐Ÿ”‘ View rental contracts (optional): Ability to simply view rental contracts.

๐Ÿ”‘ Manage reservations (required): Create and modify bookings in the calendar.

๐Ÿ”‘ Allow scheduling conflicts when booking facilities (optional): Create bookings even if they conflict with existing bookings.

๐Ÿ”‘ Allow booking to overlap existing buffer period(s) (optional): Create bookings even if they conflict with existing buffers periods.

How are 'admin bookings with an invoice' different from 'contracts'?

Admin bookings with an invoice allows you to quickly reserve facility time and charge the client accordingly. Once saved, no edits can be made to the booking unless the invoice is canceled.

A contract uses a unique template to send pending contract to clients for their approval. A contract is invoiced when approved. Contract versioning means they can be edited even after approval. Extras and custom fees can be added to a contract or charged alone (you don't necessarily need to book facility time).

Why can't I assign a client to an admin booking with no invoice?

Only facility bookings with an invoice allows you to link a client to the reservation. You can include the client's name and other details in the Information tab for an admin booking with no invoice.

Which types of facility bookings (online bookings, contracts, etc.) can I edit?

If an admin booked the facility without an invoice, click the booking to edit the event(s).

If an admin booked the facility with an invoice, you can't edit it. The invoice must be canceled.

If the facility is booked because it's linked to an activity, you can edit the activity's occurrences in the Activities tab.

If the facility was booked online in the store (including private lessons), you can't edit it. The invoice must be canceled.

If the facility was booked with an approved rental contract, you must create a new contract version to edit it. If the contract is in draft, click the booking in the calendar to edit or delete the occurrence(s). Learn more here.

Which types of bookings can I cancel from the Calendar subtab?

Quick cancel is the term used when canceling certain facility bookings directly in the Facilities>Calendar subtab. You may quick cancel (and credit):

  • Admin bookings with an invoice

  • Online facility bookings

  • Private lessons

  • Contracts

๐Ÿ‘‰ Admins with the right permissions must refund clients in the client's billing.

For admin bookings without an invoice, click the booking in the calendar and then Edit this event. You may then choose to delete the booking.

Why can't I add more occurrences to a booking I'm trying to edit?

If you saved a booking that occurs one time only, you can't add more occurrences later. You need to delete the booking and start over.

You should have no problems adding more occurrences if the booking was saved with recurrences from the start.

Can buffers overlap?

While setting up a booking, admins can see if there's a conflict with an existing reservation or buffer period. Admins can still save the booking.

Below, an admin creates an 11:30 am booking, with a 15m buffer before the start time. This conflicts with a 30m buffer at the end of a previous booking.

Are staff notified when they're assigned to a facility booking?

Staff are not sent email notifications when they're assigned to a facility booking. We suggest sending staff schedules from the Staff>Management>Schedule subtab, or have your staff check their schedule in the Amilia app.

Will a conflict show if I assign a staff member who isn't available?

Currently, there's no warning when you assign unavailable staff (e.g., booked elsewhere or not working) to a facility booking.

That feature exists when assigning staff to activities and we hope to make it happen for facilities soon!

Which email notifications are sent for admin bookings in the facility calendar?

  • For admin bookings with an invoice:

    • Admins with the right email preferences are sent purchase notifications (after the booking is paid). Clients are sent confirmations (after the booking is paid) if admins check the box to 'send a confirmation email'.

    • If you cancel the invoice, a 'Cancellation confirmation' email is sent to the client.

    • If you modify the booking, no notifications are sent.

  • For admin bookings with no invoice:

    • No notifications are sent at any point. No client is linked to the booking.

* Last updated in March 2022

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