In the calendar, Booking types distinguish one reservation kind from another. In all but one case, SmartRec assigns a default booking type that can't be changed in any way. For admin bookings in the calendar, you can use custom booking type(s).

Create a Custom Booking Type

Custom booking types can only be used for admin bookings in the calendar.

In the Facilities>Booking Types subtab, click + New booking Type:

  • The name and description (optional) appear in the calendar, on staff schedules and in the Amilia app.

  • Custom booking types can be edited or archived.

Default Booking Types

SmartRec uses up to 9 default booking types in the calendar, with some only appearing once a feature is activated in the Apps store. They can't be edited in any way nor replaced with a custom booking type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which admin permissions are required to manage booking types?

Admins have access to Facilities based on their permissions:

πŸ”‘ View facilities (required): View facilities and online facility booking configurations.

πŸ”‘ View rental contracts (optional): Ability to simply view rental contracts.

πŸ”‘ Manage reservations (required): Create and modify bookings and booking types in the calendar.

πŸ”‘ Allow scheduling conflicts when booking facilities (optional): Create bookings even if they conflict with existing bookings.

πŸ”‘ Allow booking to overlap existing buffer period(s) (optional): Create bookings even if they conflict with existing buffers periods.

Does the booking type and description appear on a client's invoice?

The booking type (admin booking, other, maintenance, etc.) doesn't appear on a client's invoice.

However, when creating an admin booking with an invoice, the name and description you include in the Information tab is visible to clients.

What happens if I archive a booking type?

When a custom booking type is archived, you can't use if for new bookings. Existing bookings in the calendar with that booking type will remain the same.

Can I change a booking type after it's been saved in the calendar?

For admin bookings without an invoice, you can change the booking type by clicking the reservation in the calendar and then Edit the event (or series of events). The booking type is accessible in the Information tab.

For admin bookings with an invoice, you won't be able to change the booking type unless you cancel the invoice.

You can't change the booking type when SmartRec assigns a default booking type to the facility reservation (e.g.,online facility bookings, contract rentals, scheduled activity, etc.).

* Last updated in March 2022 *

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