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1. General information

  • Name (mandatory): Provide an English name and a French name so that it can match the user's preferred language.

  • Internal description (optional): Provide a brief description of this facility, in both official languages (if necessary). Only administrators can see this description.

  • Parent location: A parent location is a whole that can be split up into parts that can each be reserved separately.
    ▪️ A parent location can be divided into parts (child facilities) that are reserved independently (e.g. a gym separated into 'mat 1' and 'mat 2', or a pool split up into lanes). If this facility is a whole that cannot be divided, select None.  
    ▪️ If this facility is a child facility, it means it's a part of a greater whole ('mat 1' in the gym, for instance). Select the name of the parent location in the drop-down. Child facilities inherit their address and opening hours from their parent facility (which is why those sections cannot be edited). 

  • Tags: Assigning tags facilitates filtering for a facility in the Calendar and can also be leveraged in your store to help clients find what they are looking for.

  • Ledger code: Assign a ledger code to your facility for billing purposes.

  • Rental agreement pricing: Select which pricing schedules may apply if an administrator reserves a booking with an invoice in the facility Calendar.

  • Facility size: This field is optional.

  • Click Save when finished.

Do you need to create another facility that shares many of the same characteristics as an existing one? Instead of creating a new facility from scratch, click on the Actions icon next to the name of the facility and select Duplicate.

  • A window will appear asking how many duplicates you want to create. Indicate the number and click on Create duplicates. The duplicated facilities will appear.

  • Click on a duplicated facility to make the necessary changes to its configuration.

2. Location 

Enter this facility's address. This is not mandatory but provides clarity for your clients. Only parent facilities can edit this section. Child facilities automatically inherit their parent's location.

3. Opening hours 

Provide this facility's opening hours. Only parent facilities can edit this section. Child facilities automatically inherit their parent's opening hours.

4. Online bookings

Our Facility Bookings feature lets you showcase your facilities in the store and allows your participants to book their own reservations. Click here to learn more!

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