For each membership created, you can generate membership cards for your participants. A membership card includes a photo (optional), an ID number, a barcode and an expiration date. Participants can access their membership card in their personal account.

Create a Membership Card

You can enable a membership card for new and existing memberships in the Memberships tab:

  • In the edit section of your membership, scroll to the bottom and check to generate a membership card in the Membership card section.

  • First line: Choose from the drop-down menu the information about your organization you wish to appear under the name of the membership.

  • Second line: In the drop-down menu, select the information about your organization you want to appear under the first line. In both cases, you can choose not to display anything.

  • Expiration date: Check if you want the membership's expiration date is shown on the card.

  • Photo: Check if you want a photo of the client to show on the card. It's the same photo currently saved in the client's account (if one was added) under Clients>Account Members.

    • Your clients can upload their photo to their personal account at any time. You can also activate the photo in the registration form under Account>Forms.

A card icon appears next to a membership when membership cards have been activated. If you no longer wish to have membership cards activated, simply uncheck the option within the membership.

Find your Client's Membership Card

After activating membership cards, cards are automatically generated for all your clients who have the applicable membership in their account.

Clients who purchase a membership (with card activated) will have the membership card automatically generated in their account.

There are two ways you can view your client membership cards:

In the Memberships tab: 

  • Choose the desired membership and click on the icon in the Active members column.

  • You can then export the list, Send an email to members and/or Save the membership cards for printing via the Operations drop-down menu.

In the Clients tab:

  • Access the client's account and click on the Memberships Cards subtab.

  • You can check the Show expired cards box to see cards attached to the client's expired memberships.

  • The Operations menu will allow you save the client's Membership card(s) for printing. Expired membership cards cannot be saved for printing.

If you choose to print membership cards (in the Memberships or Clients tab), simply follow the instructions. You can choose to print with a paper printer or a specialized card printer.

The card printers Fargo DTC4000, Datacard SD260, and Zebra series are proven to work with SmartRec. Technically, any card printer should do, as long as it supports printing a card size of minimum CR-80 3.375" L x 2.125" W.

Change the Information on a Membership Card

Organization's logo and name: As defined in the Account>Main Information subtab.

Name of Membership: As defined in the Memberships tab.

Picture: This is the picture found in a client's file under the Account Members subtab.

Member's name: First and Last name in client's file in the Account Members subtab in the Personal Info section.

ID number: This Amilia ID number is automatically generated in SmartRec and can be found in the client's file in the Account Members subtab in the Personal Info section. This number cannot be modified.

Expiration date: As defined in the membership you created in the Memberships tab.

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