The Amilia app, available on iPhone and Android devices, keeps you connected by providing the means to submit your availability, receive your work schedule, take activity attendance and view important student medical information.

In this article you will learn how to:

Before Starting

Organization admins are responsible for adding their staff. If you have an Amilia personal account, you should receive an invitation to download the Amilia app. If you don't have an Amilia account, you'll receive an email inviting you to create one, followed by an invitation to download the app. Once you are finished, you can submit your availability.

  • Make sure you have an Amilia personal account.

  • Download the Amilia App online.If you don't receive an email, be sure to check your junk folder.

Add, Edit and Consult your Availability

Once connected to the mobile app, tap the Calendar icon.

  • Tap on Availability and then Add availability to create a new availability.

  • Tap on an existing availability to edit it.

Admins (your employers) can view, edit, and/or add availability for an employee.

View Details on your Activities

The Schedule tab displays the activities you are scheduled to work, as well as any activities that you or a member of your account are registered to as a participant.

  • Tap the Calendar icon in then the Schedule subtab.

  • View dates and planned activity details (activity name, start/end time and location).

  • View activities from the day before, up to a year in the future.

  • The address displayed for an activity is that of the facility assigned to the activity occurrence. If no facility is linked, the organization's main address is displayed instead.

View Details about Participants

Get access to up-to-date participant information at any time!

  • Tap an activity you host to view the names of registered participants. 

  • Click the medical bag icon to view the participant's medical information (if any is listed).

  • Contact a participant's contacts directly by clicking the phone icon. 

Take Attendance

Take attendance with your fingertips by going to the Calendar > Schedule section.

  • Tap on the applicable activity you are hosting.

  • Under the Participants section, slide your finger on the participant's name to record attendance.

  • The updated attendance lists can easily be viewed by your organization admin(s).

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