Drop-ins and MultiPasses

Instead of registering for a full session, you can choose specific days to participate in an activity.

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Some organizations offer activities on a per-class basis. In Amilia's registration platform SmartRec, these are known as drop-ins. Drop-ins can be stand-alone activities or part of a session that an organization has made available for individual participation.

Organizations may also offer Multipasses: a type of punch card that clients can use to quickly register to drop-ins.

In this article, you will learn about:

1. Drop-In Registration

If an organization has made a class available for drop-in, you will see a drop-in icon next to the activity.

  • After clicking the drop-in option, you will see a calendar of available dates and times that you can choose from. 

  • Click on the desired time slots. These are added to your cart. Proceed to checkout as usual. 

2. How to Use a Multipass

If an organization offers Multipasses (prepaid passes that can be used to register for eligible drop-ins) , you may notice a Multipass tab available in their SmartRec store.

  • Click on Eligible activities to see which ones can be registered to using the Multipass. 

  • When attempting to register for a drop-in, a Multipass may also be suggested to you if it's required for registration. You must first purchase the Multipass and proceed through checkout before you can register to the drop-in. 

✔️ Registering with a Multipass is easy!

Choose the drop-in class you would like to register for. If it's eligible for a Multipass, you'll see your available passes to use. Select your pass and complete the checkout process.

  • One pass will be deducted from the total number of passes remaining. 

You can view your remaining passes by clicking on the Purchases tab in your user account.

❌ Cancel a Multipass reservation

Some organizations allow you to cancel a class if you registered with a Multipass. 

  • In the Purchases tab, click on the class that you would like to cancel. 

  • You will be brought to the organization’s SmartRec store. In the calendar, find and click on the class previously registered for and select 'Unregister'.

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