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  • Agenda (0:42)

  • What is Access Management? (1:47)

  • Out with the old, and in with the new version! (2:56)

  • Access points (3:28)

  • Configuring an access point (4:50)

  • Limit entry based on when the event starts (7:59)

  • Old admin view vs New admin view in Access Management (9:41)

  • Navigating the new admin view (11:00)

  • The Check-in overview (11:49)

  • The Visitor information (12:10)

  • Attendance tracking (14:09)

  • Daily notes (15:19)

  • Visitor kiosk (17:28)

  • The kiosk flow (20:28)

  • The Access points report (21:37)

  • Visitor information notes are linked to the client's account (23:44)

  • How to set up the Kiosk (24:19)

  • When does the Visitor information appear? (25:11)

  • If I have two classes with the same name, can I easily sort for each one? (26:03)

  • What if a client can't access their virtual Amilia ID? (27:22)

  • Do you need a specific scanner? (28:32)

  • Can I change the Amilia ID on a client's membership card? (29:06)

  • Why am I logged out whenever I'm using the Kiosk and try to access another tab? (29:43)

  • Tips and tricks (30:29)

  • When you need a mouse or touchscreen (30:35)

  • You can't export more than 10 000 lines of data at a time (31:24)

  • A Multipass can be used in one of two ways (31:50)

  • It will be released in mid-April! (32:21)

  • Can a non-member register to an activity at the kiosk? (33:21)

  • If an activity is offsite, can check in be done with the Amilia app? (35:15)

  • Find articles in the Knowledge Base or send us a message (36:28)


1. Can an access type be based on the duration of a client's subscription?

Access types pertain to your activities, memberships (including subscriptions) and/or Multipasses. Access is based on whether the participant has the eligible item rather than if they have an item that is valid for a set period of time.

However, you may create an access point that only permits entry to participants with a particular subscription.

2. Can I export visit history reports?

In the Access points menu, choose an existing access point and then click the ... icon above to view the Access points report.

The report is housed in the Reports>Standard subtab in the Operations group.

3. If I add a note or block access in the Visitor information, are those notes saved in the client's account?

Yes! Likewise, any admin notes written in the client's file in the Account members subtab will cross over to the Visitor information, including blocked access.

4. What's Attendance Tracking used for?

Attendance tracking allows admins to record check-ins/check-outs, child pick-ups and provides a Daily notes feature. It lists the visitors expected for events occurring that day and updates activity attendance lists upon check-in.

5. Which admin permissions are required to use Access Management?

Admins need the Manage access points permission.

6. Can staff access medical & emergency contact information in Access Management and the Amilia app?

In Access Management, participants with medical information have a medic bag icon under their name record and more details are shown in the Visitor information. Contacts are found in the participant's file in the Clients>Account members subtab.

In the Amilia app, participants with medical information have a medic bag under their name record. Tap the icon to view the client's contact and medical information.

7. Can we be automatically notified if a participant uses their membership more than once in the same day to gain entry at the kiosk?

There aren't currently any automatic notifications or blockers to prevent someone from checking in more than once with the same membership. We've shared this improvement request with our development team.

8. Is it easy to see who has or hasn't checked in for an activity?

Yes! Use the Attendance tracking to filter for participants who have checked in/checked out or still pending.

9. Can a non-member use the kiosk to register for a drop-in?

No. The only participants who can register for a drop-in directly at the kiosk are those with an eligible Multipass.

10. When will the new Access Management be released?

It will be released to all in mid-April. Early access is now available - contact our support team if you're interested in trying it out!

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