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  • Agenda (0:58)

  • The many ways to use your merchandise (1:37)

  • How merchandise looks in the store (2:06)

  • How to configure merchandise (4:20)

  • Configuring tags (11:27)

  • Track Inventory (14:13)

  • Configure and manage shipping options (16:27)

  • Related and mandatory items linked to activities (19:13)

  • Modify, archive and duplicate merchandise (21:19)

  • Why can't I choose my own tag colors? (23:28)

  • How do I configure variants if I offer t-shirts in multiple colors and sizes? (23:57)

  • Can I use the regular discounts on merchandise? (25:01)

  • Is it possible to have more than one image per merchandise item? (25:18)

  • Fundraising (25:58)

  • How to configure a fundraiser (27:11)

  • Promoting a fundraiser (28:40)

  • How to keep track of your campaign (30:26)

  • How do I manage donation receipts? Are there any associated fees? (31:18)

  • Do raised funds show up in the regular financial reports? (32:17)

  • Do campaigns need an expiration date? (32:33)

  • My fundraiser has a start and end date. Can I extend it? (34:33)

  • Can I cancel a donation after it's been made? (35:00)

  • Tips & Tricks (35:29)


๐Ÿ›’ Merchandise

Can unique prices or images be attributed to variants?

Merchandise variants can't have their own price or image. If you need to set up different prices, you must configure the item as a separate piece of merchandise.

Can merchandise be used to add intangible items (like before or after care) to an activity purchase?

We recommend using service add-ons that can only be sold if a client enrolls in an eligible activity. Items appear next to their name on your attendance lists so you can quickly verify who bought what.

๐Ÿ‘‰ If you're based in Quebec, please note that before and after care sold as merchandise is not eligible for the RL-24 tax credit.

Can I add additional fees to an invoice when someone buys merchandise?

You can try downloading the Fees app in the App store. It's free!

Fees are the opposite of discounts. A fee can be added to an invoice according to certain criteria and can be charged once per person or per eligible item.

Please contact us at to see if this option can work for you!

Can I add GIFS to my merchandise?

GIFs can only be uploaded as your store's background image. They don't work as images for any of the items sold in the store.

Can I change the Shipping charge on a merchandise invoice?

You can make changes to the client's shipping charges after they've purchased the merchandise.

An amount in the 'Cost (by merchandise)' field under Shipping is charged on the client's merchandise invoice. To add additional fees, go to the client's billing and click Operations>Create invoice. To add a credit, click Operations>Create credit. After adding a credit, you can record a refund in the amount of the credit.

If 'Shipping fees are to be determined', no shipping charges are added to the client's merchandise invoice. You must go to the client's billing and click Operations>Create invoice to manually charge shipping on a separate invoice.

Can I limit a merchandise's variant to just one per person?

Whether merchandise is mandatory or not, you can't limit the quantity or the number of variants a client purchases.

Can I make an item mandatory for purchase when a client selects an activity?

In the activity's configuration, scroll down to the Additional Settings and click Merchandise to choose whether merchandise is suggested or mandatory.

๐Ÿ’ฐ Fundraisers

What fees are involved in collecting donations through Amilia?

A 1% fee is charged on all invoices generated in Amilia, including fundraisers.

Can we rearrange the order of fundraisers as they appear in the store?

Fundraisers appear in the order they're created and can't be rearranged at this time.

Can we automate fundraisers to allow recurring monthly donations?

Fundraisers can't be automated to collect donations in a recurring fashion. We recommend referring to the fundraiser's donor list to reach out to existing donors to see if they wish to donate again.

If your donors agree to donating the same amount on a monthly basis, you might be interested in subscriptions, which automatically charges clients every month. Don't hesitate to contact us at to explore this option.

Can clients donate to a fundraiser without registering for an activity?

Absolutely! You can host fundraisers on a designated space in your store! Simply check the 'Active campaign' in the fundraiser's configuration and make sure the Fundraising tab is set to visible in the Store>Store settings>Customize subtab.

๐Ÿ‘‰ You can also feature it in checkout when clients purchase any item in your store.

Will more tag colors become available?

There are currently 9 tag colors available, in accordance with WCAG standards. We don't foresee adding more in the near future.

Can I host multiple fundraisers at once?


Does Amilia generate charity receipts for taxes?

We do not. You can still use a copy of the invoice for tax purposes.

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