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  • Agenda (0:47)

  • Why you should download the Drop-ins and Multipasses app (1:38)

  • What is a drop-in? (4:00)

  • Session-based activities vs drop-ins (4:35)

  • How to configure drop-ins (6:15)

  • Drop-in characteristics (8:15)

  • Can we use a subscription with drop-ins? (10:43)

  • Can I see how many people are registered to a drop-in activity? (11:11)

  • What is a Multipass? (12:17)

  • An individual Multipass vs a family Multipass (12:39)

  • How to configure a Multipass (13:07)

  • Registering with a Multipass (14:03)

  • How clients cancel drop-in registrations made with a Multipass (15:26)

  • Do the activities registered for with a Multipass have to be in the same program and have the same cost? (17:34)

  • If a client misses their drop-in, can a pass be returned to their Multipass? (18:31)

  • How can we tell which account member used a family Multipass? (19:39)

  • Can we define what consists as a family for the family Multipass (i.e., 2 adults, 3 children)? (20:04)

  • Can you replace a drop-in activity that was purchased with a Multipass? (20:35)

  • Can I remove a pass off a client's Multipass? (21:13)

  • Tips & Tricks (21:46)

  • How to find articles in the Knowledge Base or send us a message (23:48)


Can a session activity offer drop-ins? How would I manage available spots?

You can offer both session and drop-in registrations for the same activity! However, session and drop-in spot availability are managed individually.

If you have 10 session spots and 15 daily drop-in spots, you may find yourself with up to 25 participants attending class on a given day! If session spots are filled, no one else can register for the session. If drop-in spots are filled for the day, no one else can drop-in.

Offering drop-ins can be an ideal way to fill empty session spots. A tool is available that allows you to convert session spots to drop-ins, essentially deducting session spots and turning them into daily drop-in spots. Click here to learn more.

Can clients cancel a drop-in registration themselves?

The only time clients may cancel a drop-in registration is if the option to 'Allow clients who used a Multipass to cancel' in the activity's configuration is enabled and the client registered to the drop-in using a Multipass.

Otherwise, clients must contact your organization if they wish to cancel a drop-in.

What's the difference between a Multipass, Membership and a Subscription?

A Multipass is invoiced at checkout and has limited (or unlimited) tokens that can be used to register to drop-ins.

A membership is invoiced at checkout and can be required to register to activities, gain entry to your facilities and/or as a means of member identification.

A subscription is invoiced at checkout, followed by recurring invoices on a monthly basis. It's useful for selling activity bundles that allow clients to enroll to multiple activities at a reduced price. They can opt out from one month to the next.

Clients get confused with needing to buy a Multipass first before it can be used to register to eligible drop-ins. Is there a workaround?

There is no workaround at this time but we're aware this flow needs improvement.

Can I mass assign a Multipass?


Can I put an end to drop-ins in the middle of a session?

If clients have registered for a drop-in, you can't disable the activity's drop-in option unless you cancel the clients' invoice. If no one is registered, you can disable the drop-in option within the activity's configuration.

Is there a way to set restrictions on group size? i.e., clients must register for 2 spots minimum or 3 spots maximum per account?

Great question ! It's not possible to restrict a client from registering to a certain number of drop-in's. Once the drop In's are created and available for registration, they are open for all to register.

How does a Family Multipass work?

A Family Multipass allows any member in the account to use the Multipass to register.

You don't need to select an account member when adding a Family Multipass to the cart. Admins can view the Family Multipass in the client's account from the Purchases subtab, including reservations made and remaining passes (if applicable). The number of passes applies to the entire account, meaning if an account member uses a pass to register, one pass is deducted from the total. Click here to learn more.

Can I change the expiration date of a Multipass after it's been sold?

A Multipass can be modified in the Memberships>Multipass subtab. The changes you make only apply to Multipass purchases moving forward. Anyone who bought the Multipass (prior to your changes) won't be affected. Click here to learn more.

Feel free to contact us at support@amilia.com or start a chat if you need assistance regarding the expiry of a client's Multipass.

Which reports are available for Multipasses and drop-ins?

In the Reports>Standard subtab:

📃 Multipass: Located under Operations. It includes who purchased a Multipass, the Multipass’ expiration date, total passes and the remaining passes. You can include additional columns of information. This isn't a finance report.

📃 Breakdown of sales: Located under Sales. Review individual Multipass and/or drop-in sales transactions.

📃 Sales summary: Located under Sales. View total Multipass and/or drop-in sales.

📃 Breakdown of payments by ledger code: Located under Cash accounting. Review the list of client payments associated to the ledger code of the item that was sold.

What does the sale and use of a Multipass look like in my financial reports?

The full sale amount of a Multipass appears in the Breakdown of sales report on the date it was purchased. This can be viewed in the Multipasses tab of the report.

When a client uses a Multipass to register to a drop-in, the drop-in sale appears in the Breakdown of sales on the date it was registered to. This can be viewed in the Drop-ins tab of the report. However, the drop-in sale will have a 0$ amount, since the client didn't pay for the drop-in (they paid for the Multipass).

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