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  • Agenda (00:56)

  • What is the Client Billing subtab? (1:29)

  • What you can do using the 'Operations' button (2:57)

  • The 'Add filter' button (9:42)

  • The 'Sort' button and Search bar (10:13)

  • A client first wanted a credit, then said they'd prefer a refund (11:04)

  • I accidentally refunded by check instead of the client's credit card (11:25)

  • Income vs Cashflow (12:11)

  • A client has a balance of $100. How do I bring their balance down to $0? (17:04)

  • Current vs Expected balance (18:09)

  • How to read a client account (19:02)

  • What is the best way to cancel a credit balance? (22:33)

  • Can a payment be made by someone who isn't an account member? (23:05)

  • Can two parents split the installment payments on one invoice? (23:29)

  • Upcoming Payments subtab (24:31)

  • Purchases subtab (26:56)

  • What makes an expected balance appear on an account? (28:01)

  • I created a credit memo by accident, how do I cancel it? (29:45)

  • A parent registered themselves instead of their child. How do I fix this? (31:13)

  • I want to replace an activity, but the new activity doesn't appear as an option (32:56)

  • How to apply a credit towards a future installment (33:17)

  • How to refund without canceling an invoice (34:37)

  • The refund is successful, but the client still hasn't received the money (35:45)

  • How to edit a specific client's subscription end date (36:40)

  • Online payments batched within 24 hours (36:58)

  • Can I charge a client for an activity based on participation rather than a set cost? (37:59)

  • How long does it take for an eCheck to fully process ? (38:46)

  • How to find articles in the Knowledge Base or send us a message (40:06)


Where can we view other webinars?

Our webinars are listed in the Webinars collection in the Knowledge Base.

Can you transfer a credit from one client account to another?

No. You may create an invoice in the account (that has a credit) to reduce the balance to 0$. Afterwards, add a credit to the proper client account.

If a client has a credit with one organization, it can't be applied toward purchases for another organization.

Can we receive email notifications when a payment fails?

There are two ways to stay on top of failed transactions. In both cases, the Failed payments permission (in the Clients section) must be enabled for an administrator to receive failed payment notifications.

🏦 The Payment Action Center (for credit cards) allows you to retry or dismiss any failed installments, subscriptions or refunds by online credit card that have failed.

🔔 The Account>Notifications subtab is available by activating the Notifications app. You can receive an email notification when an eCheck, installment, subscription or refund by online credit card has failed.

Additionally, you can add your email address(es) via the Account>Options subtab in the Notifications box to receive:

  • Purchase confirmations

  • Payment confirmations

  • eCheck installment payments (not for credit card installments)

  • Cancellation confirmations

  • Planned payment fails. Click here for more information.

Can clients make a purchase in the store without making a payment?

It's possible (but not recommended) for clients to proceed through checkout without paying by enabling the 'Offline payment' option in the Accounting and finance>Payments subtab, and then enabling the same option within the activity or item's configuration.

Another option would be linking your item to an installment plan that requires clients provide their payment information to set up planned payments but doesn't necessarily require a payment at the moment of purchase.

Can I cancel an eCheck?

You can't revoke an eCheck payment once it's been sent, and it can take up to 10 days for the payment to be processed.

Can I remove myself as an account member? How do I create my own account?

An Amilia user account is created using an email address. You can't create a 2nd user account with the same email address. The email address owner becomes the account owner. Only account owners can add or remove account members. An account owner cannot remove themselves from their own account.

You can log in or create a new user account when you're on the organization's store page, or directly from www.amilia.com. You must validate your account after receiving a confirmation email.

If you're unable to create a user account, please contact us at support@amilia.com.

What's the easiest way to change a client's facility booking?

Making changes to a facility booking varies:

Can installments be set up to coincide with a specific number of classes?

Installments can be scheduled at regular weekly/monthly intervals, or on specific dates. You could create an installment plan per activity and configure each one based on the activity's schedule.

You can't automatically set installments based on the number of activity occurrences.

Can I create custom payment methods (i.e., Government funding)?

You may want to check out the Scholarships feature (in Beta), which gives organizations the ability to manage financial support from outside sources, including awarding scholarships to participants to pay for eligible activities.

Can activity billing be pro-rated for late registrants?

You have the option to prorate session-based activities when there is a start and end date specified in the activity's schedule.

I accidentally refunded using the wrong payment method. How do I fix that?

If you refund using an offline payment method, you may cancel the refund and try again. If you accidentally refunded an online credit card, it isn't possible to cancel it.

Can a payment be made by someone who isn't an account member?

Payments can be made with a credit card or eCheck belonging to any individual, however the payment receipt is in the name of the account owner.

If a client is enrolled in a subscription, are they required to pay every month?

By default, subscriptions are invoiced and charged to a client's saved payment method on a monthly basis.

You can edit or pause a subscription amount for each client in the Memberships tab.

How can I set up post-dated checks to pay an invoice?

In the client's billing, use the Operations menu or expand the invoice and click Make payment.

Enter an amount and click to 'Configure installments for this payment' to set up post-dated payments.

How do I reimburse a credit?

Assuming the client has a credit balance in their account, click the Operations menu and select Record a refund.

Select the credit memo and the payment method to use for the refund.

I have an invoice where it's recommending I delete previous reconciliations and create new ones. Is this a complicated process?

It isn't an overly complicated process. Open the invoice and click on Reconciliations. Click on the garbage can icon to delete the existing reconciliation(s). To create a new reconciliation, click on the available item(s) in the menu.

You may also opt to use the Operations>Reconcile account which automatically reconciles invoices with payments, from the oldest item/payment to the newest item/payment.

How do you transfer a client from one activity to another?

You can perform a replacement when both activities are within the same program by clicking the plus icon on the right-hand side of the original invoice, selecting Replacement, and choosing the correct activity.

If they are being switched into a different program, you must cancel/refund the original invoice, and then purchase the correct activity in the store.

Can I send an invoice by email that includes a link to join Amilia?

A participant must already be an account owner or an account member in order to create an invoice for them in Amilia.

If you created the account for them, you can send them an activation email in the Clients>Accounts subtab by clicking Operations>Send activation request.

Is there a way to edit offline payments to modify the admin comments?

It isn't possible to edit payments. If necessary, you can cancel an offline payment and create another to update the details.

An activity's cost was increased after clients had registered. What should I do?

You will need to create an invoice in each client's account to make up for the difference. Carefully include an explanation in the invoice's name and description to clarify the reason for the invoice.

Once paid, the payment should automatically be reconciled to the new invoice.

Can you put one date for the minimum age requirement and a different date for the maximum age requirement of an activity?

Only one date can be applied for both.

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