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  • Agenda (1:25)

  • 2 types of discounts (1:51)

  • How to configure a discount (4:18)

  • Purchase with a discount (7:56)

  • How discount codes work (9:36)

    • Rebate code (9:41)

    • Coupon code (10:36)

    • Coupon code vs Rebate code (12:04)

    • Loyalty (13:05)

    • External coupon (15:25)

  • How automatically applied discounts work (19:00)

    • Early bird (19:07)

    • By age (20:00)

    • Community segments (20:52)

    • By location (21:31)

    • Question (22:08)

    • Membership required (23:43)

  • How Multi-person vs Combo discounts work (26:14)

    • Multi-person (27:19)

    • Multi-person (multi-discount) (28:36)

    • Combo (30:14)

    • Combo (multi-discount) (31:39)

  • Can I remove an activity's eligibility from a discount? (36:39)

  • Why is the discount not applying in Step 1 of the checkout? (37:31)

  • Will all eligible discounts apply at checkout? Is there a way to choose which is applied, or can I control the order? (38:10)

  • A discount didn't apply at checkout, can I add it to the invoice afterwards? (39:10)

  • Tips & Tricks (40:20)


How can I keep clients from sharing a Rebate code?

You can't keep clients from sharing a Discount code with others. However, try using a Coupon code and limit the number of times the code is valid (down to a single use).

Can you apply a discount on memberships?

Any discount can be applied, except for the Membership Required discount.

Which discount gives a rebate to twins who sign up for an activity?

We recommend a Multi-person type discount which awards discounts based on the number of people. However, you can't limit awarding the discount based on whether people are the same age (unless it's restricted to a specific age in the criterion).

How can I convey the discount amount and the list of eligible items to clients?

You have the option to display your discount(s) in the store. Clients can view discount details on an eligible item by clicking 'Show Discounts' below the registration button.

You can also show a price range on items eligible for a discount by toggling the option in the Store>Store settings subtab.

Do discounts expire on the day of expiry, or the night before?

Discounts expire at 11:59pm the night before the set expiry date. If your discount expires on May 5th, then it is valid up to 11:59pm on May 4th.

Can the 'By Location' discount be made available in the USA?

The 'By Location' discount is a legacy version of the functionally superior Community Segments discount (available upon activating the Community Segments app). As such, we won't be expanding the 'By Location' discount.

Can you offer a discount to clients who received a scholarship?

We don't have a 'Scholarship required' discount option. For now, create a coupon code and send it to your scholarship recipients via email.

We'd like to offer a sibling discount when 2 children enroll, and we want the lowest priced activity to be discounted - is this an option?

Yes! You can use the Multi-person (multi-discount) instead of the Multi-person discount. Set the 2nd purchase to 10% off (for example) and the discount will automatically apply to the cheapest eligible item of the two!

Is there a way to limit a discount to clients making a first purchase?

Not currently.

How do I combine 2 discounts?

Create both discounts and link them to the same activity. Both discounts will apply if the client meets all the applicable criteria.

In the Discounts and fees>Discounts subtab, you can verify if potential discounts exceed a certain rebate threshold in the event a client is eligible for multiple discounts on one or more items in their cart.

Can you limit a discount to clients that enrolled in a past program?

You can create a Discount Code which can be used by multiple clients and applies a discount on all eligible items on the invoice. You can search for clients in the:

  • Clients tab: Filter for participants by activity and/or program. Tick the box next to their names and click Operations>Send email to send them the rebate code.

  • Activities tab: In the Registration subtab, select the program and tick the box next to the desired activities. Click Operations>Send an email to staff and/or participants to send them the rebate code.

  • Reports tab: Download the Email addresses of participants or the Registration information report to obtain email addresses.

Do I have to add criterion when configuring a discount?

No. You can add criterion if you wish to further limit discount eligibility based on a beginning/end date, age, membership(s) and/or cities/towns.

Can I use the same discount code for multiple discounts?

You can't create a new Discount Code discount using an existing rebate code, nor can you update the title, code, or remove eligible items if the discount has been used by a client. Your best bet is to create a new discount code.

Can I use discounts on private lessons?

Yes! Contact us at support@amilia.com to try out discounts on private lessons.

Are there extra fees when using Discounts?

None! The app is free and discounts from this feature are considered before calculating the service fee on your invoice items.

Is there a discount for multiple people who buy multiple items on an invoice?

You must create a Combo type discount to award a discount based on the number of items purchased for the same person, and a Multi-person type discount to award a discount based on the number of people on the same invoice.


Combo (multi-discount)

Applies the same discount to every eligible item for the same person, depending on how many eligible items are purchased for them.

Applies a different discount on each eligible item for the same person, according to how many eligible items are purchased for them.



Multi-person (multi-discount)

Applies the same discount (as per the rule) on all eligible items, for each person.

Applies a different discount (as per the rule) per person, on all their eligible items.

Can a Multi-person/Combo discount apply to multiple people from different accounts?

Automatically applied discounts only work for account members in the same account. The invoice and payment are under the account owner's name.

Can you limit an invoice to one discount even if multiple discounts are active?

It's not possible to choose which discount is applied if one or more items are eligible for multiple, active discounts. We recommend monitoring whether multiple discounts on items can exceed a certain rebate threshold.

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