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  • Agenda (4:56)

  • What does Beta mean? (5:44)

  • What does it mean to have 99.9% uptime? (6:43)

  • How does Amilia bill my organization? (7:10)

  • Some clients can't register because of a pop-up window that says their address isn't verified. Why is this happening? (11:04)

  • Can I get a confirmation email when someone registers on the waiting list? (11:35)

  • Can we view changes/improvements and bug corrections made in Amilia? (12:20)

  • Can I copy activities that happened in the past into a new session? (14:02)

  • How can I make preregistration available to current members only (and not everyone)? (17:44)

  • What is the best way to associate fixed charges to an activity? (20:34)

  • How can I find out who has registered for the most sessions? (21:53)

  • Is it possible to set up more than one account with the same email? (23:06)

  • Can we merge client accounts without contacting support? (23:31)

  • When clients update their payment method in their user account, can Amilia also update their post-dated payment plans at the same time? (24:15)

  • Can I process a partial refund back to a client's card without canceling their purchase? (25:54)

  • How can I fix an incorrect reconciliation that was done automatically? (28:43)

  • Can I export a report of current members with their birthdays? (29:55)

  • What's the easiest way to switch someone from one activity to another? (31:52)

  • How can I identify clients who have purchased a membership renewal vs clients who have purchased first-time memberships? (32:35)

  • Can add another address on a roster, other than the parent's billing address? For example, an account member may not necessarily be living at the same address as their parent, or the pickup address is different? (33:39)

  • Can we target preregistration to specific clients, such as volunteers? (34:35)

  • Does Amilia have any software integration plans in the near future? (35:38)

  • Could you share the roadmap for the Amilia mobile App? (37:28)

  • Will we be able to charge different prices for people checking out and paying with credit cards vs cash or debit? (38:03)

  • Will we be able to modify an invoice without having to create a new one? (38:31)

  • What is the process for implementing new ideas from your clients? (39:06)

  • Will we ever see customizable financial reports? (40:12)

  • When adding a credit or refund to an account, what's the difference between an admin note and a regular comment? (41:54)

  • When sending a mass email, can it be sent to both parents on an account? (42:51)

  • Does Amilia plan on expanding overseas? (44:35)

  • How to find the Knowledge Base and other information? (45:59)


1. Why is it that some client reports are missing contacts or other information?

It's possible that some questions on your forms are visible (but not required), which means clients can register without answering them. Likewise, an administrator may register on behalf of a client and skip questions that may be required for clients, but not for administrators. Verify the visibility settings on your forms. If this doesn't solve your issue, please contact us at support@amilia.com.

2. If a client has multiple skills, is it possible to limit which skills they see to the most recently assigned?

Skills are visible in the order they were added to a client's account. The only way to hide a skill is by removing it from the client's account if it's no longer applicable. An improvement request will be submitted for an option to hide active skills.

3. Can we save success reports in a client's file instead of handing out paper reports? If so, can we mass save or can must we save it for one client at a time?

An improvement request will be submitted to add a 'Documents' section to a client's account to be used for such a purpose. In the meantime, we suggest emailing clients their success reports to avoid having to print the documents.

4. Which(s) report do you suggest using to keep track of contracts and rentals?

We suggest downloading the 'Breadown of Sales' report from the Reports tab. Improvements are being made to our reporting and we should have some additional reports to offer on this subject in the coming months.

5. When reconciling our bank statements with payments in Amilia, is there a report which provides sales, payments received, and payment type?

In addition to your bank statement, you should download the:

  1. Payment Summary: It provides the total amount of payments received by payment method (credit card, eCheck, cash, etc.) and a breakdown of each payment transaction made during the time period. This report is located in the Reports tab under the Payments section.

  2. Netbanx Settlement: It allows you to check the transfers from Paysafe so you can compare them with the deposits to your bank account. It includes a breakdown of each payment, refund and/or credit that took place in your merchant account. You can export this report from the Accounting and finance>Merchant account subtab. Specify a date range, a payment method, and then click on the blue export icon to the top right of the screen.

Please refer to our Online Banking Reconciliation and Amilia Payment webinar.

6. Credits that have sat for a long period in a client's account cannot be refunded directly onto a credit card via Amilia. Why?

If a client paid an invoice with a credit card in Amilia, you can refund them directly onto the same card if the payment took place within the last 12 months. Afterwards, Paysafe (the payment processor), no longer permits a direct refund in which case you'll need to proceed with an offline refund (check, cash, etc.).

7. How do I adjust the contract template according to my needs?

Download the sample template in the Contracts>Templates subtab and make changes to the document in Word. Please refer to this article to learn more about advanced customization options.

8. Can we add documents to the client's file (example: signed contract)?

You can create an extra question and add it to your registration form(s). This allows both the administrator and participant to access, modify and upload 1 document to the account member's profile. This option is sometimes used to store signed club waivers.

In the Account>Forms>Extra Questions subtab, create a new question and select the 'Upload File' answer type. Be sure to link this extra question to the necessary registration form!

9. Is it possible to duplicate an approved contract?

Not currently.

10. What's the difference between a rental contract and renting a facility online?

A rental contract is a type of facility booking performed by an administrator in the Contracts tab. It allows administrators to manually book time, add extras (e.g. equipment fees, catering fees, etc.) and email an invoice to the client for approval.

Online facility bookings gives clients the ability to book facilities directly in the store, based on advanced, predetermined booking options.

11. Is Amilia integrated with QuickBooks?

We recommend connecting Amilia with Quickbooks using the Zapier integration app. It's free!

12. Which report shows when deferred revenue is recognized?

If your organization uses accrual accounting, you will have access to the Deferred Revenue report in the Reports tab.

You can also refer to your journal entries in the Accounting and finance>Journal entries subtab and search by the transaction reference number (i.e. the invoice, credit memo, reconciliation, and or payment transaction).

13. How can I replace one activity for another in the event a client switches classes? Can I simply change the fees (if applicable)?

If both activities share the same activity, you can use the replacement tool. If not, the best solution would be to cancel the original activity without reimbursing the payment. After the original activity is canceled, use the credit in the client's account to purchase the new activity. Feel free to chat with our support team if you would like a PDF document outlining these steps!

14. Where can I find the telephone number(s) for contacts?

A contact can be a member within the client's account, or it can be an individual with no record in Amilia. You can visualize a contact s information in the Account Members subtab by clicking on the contact s name in the Contacts section. The screen will scroll up to the contact's Personal Information where you can add, edit or delete phone numbers in the Address section.

You can add up to 4 contacts per person. All contacts can be exported with the attendance list (if necessary).

15. Can a facility be booked for a different member other than the account owner?

If clients are booking a facility online, the reservation is made under the account owner's name. However, an administrator can manually book a facility under the name of any account owner. The same is true for rental contracts.

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