Organizations issuing resident cards (or other forms of ID) can now print tailored identification cards, which can be used to monitor entry to your facilities.

In the Clients > People subtab, apply a checkmark to the client(s) of interest and click on Operations > Print Amilia ID cards.

1. Choose an identifier

Select which type of ID number will appear on the card(s):

  • Amilia ID: A unique, alphanumeric code (P######) that is automatically assigned to a participant when their record is created in SmartRec. It can't be changed. The Amilia ID is referenced in several areas across the platform, such as the Memberships tab, the Access Management tab and in certain reports.

  • Membership number: You can manually assign a custom number to a client by utilizing the Membership number field on your form(s). Please note this option is only ideal in certain conditions.

Amilia ID custom Membership number

2. Choose a template

We recommend using SmartRec's default template to generate ID cards. It includes:

If you prefer to make changes to the default template, click on 'Create my own template' to download it to Word so you can edit the layout of the logo, barcode, the participant's name, their photo, and the font. Please ensure to respect the compatibility requirements. Save your template in Word.

To upload, drag the file or click 'browse files'. Assign a name and click Continue. SmartRec will verify if the template is compatible. Successfully uploaded templates can be reused in the future by clicking 'Use one of my existing templates'.

🔴 If your template doesn't meet the size and/or field requirements, a pink screen with error codes appears, preventing you from continuing. Refer to the error codes to adjust your template accordingly and upload it again.

🔵 If your template meets all the requirements, a 'Success' message appears. Download the samples to preview your ID cards. If additional changes are needed, click 'Back' to upload another template. If you are satisfied, click Continue.

3. Print your ID Cards

Specify whether you are using a card or regular type printer. Click on Generate document and wait momentarily while SmartRec prepares the document to print.

A success message appears when the document is ready. Click on Print Document to open the file with the ID cards generated for the selected participant(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to use SmartRec's default template?

You can use the default SmartRec template as is (recommended) or download and modify it to better suit your needs.

If your organization would rather upload a template of its own (i.e. not the default template), it must meet the minimum compatibility requirements.

2. Which compatibility requirements should I follow if I modify the default template or upload my organization's template?

Whether you modify SmartRec's default template or upload your organization's template, the following fields (i.e. tags) must be included on the ID card(s) in order to print:

  • The participant's name: This means either the FullName tag, or both the FirstName and LastName tags must be on the template.

  • The identifier: This means the Barcode (image of the barcode) and the Barcode_Number (the Amilia ID or membership number in text) tags must be on the template.

If a member of your team is familiar with Developer Word, feel free to use any of the following tags in your template. The tags must be spelled exactly as shown:

Participant basic info Address info Location info

▪️ Photo ▪️ Address ▪️ City

▪️ FullName ▪️ FullAddress ▪️ Province

▪️ FirstName ▪️ FullAddress_Multiline ▪️ State

▪️ LastName ▪️ PrimaryAddress ▪️ PostalCode

▪️ DateOfBirth ▪️ SecondaryAddress

▪️ MembershipNumber ▪️ Email

Org address info Org basic info Location info

▪️ OrgMailingAddress ▪️ OrgLogo ▪️ OrgCity

▪️ OrgAddressLine ▪️ OrgPhone ▪️ OrgProvince

▪️ OrgLocationAddress ▪️ OrgEmail ▪️ OrgState

▪️ OrgAddress2 ▪️ OrgWebsite ▪️ OrgPostalCode

▪️ OrgAddress

▪️ OrgFullAddress

👉 If you are uploading a different template than the one provided by SmartRec, ensure the template in your document is exactly 3.39" x 2.16" (in landscape mode).

3. In which case would a client's ID card show the Amilia ID vs a custom Membership number?

By default, the Amilia ID (P######) is the main identifier that appears on membership and/or ID cards. The Access Management feature tracks entry to your facilities using this identifier, and it also appears in the Amilia app (clients can use the app on their handheld device in the absence of the physical ID card).

However, some organizations switching to SmartRec come with a large member base that are actively using preexisting membership numbers. In special cases we allow organizations to import legacy membership numbers or manually input them in the client's file. In these cases, an organization will opt to print an ID card using the custom membership number.

4. Does a scanner work on printed ID cards?

Absolutely! A barcode is included on the ID card for exactly this purpose.

Keep in mind that if you scan a card with a personalized Membership number, the Access Management feature logs the entry by referring to the client's Amilia ID (which is linked to the client's custom membership number in the back office).

5. Can clients still use the Amilia app as a means of identification?

The Amilia app allows clients to show virtual proof of their Amilia ID by means of their handheld device. Clients with a custom Membership number can also use the Amilia app, as their Amilia ID is linked to their custom Membership number in the database.

6. Which card printers are known to work with SmartRec?

The Fargo DTC4000, Datacard SD260, and Zebra series are proven to work. Technically, any card printer should do, as long as it supports printing a card size of minimum CR-80 3.375" L x 2.125" W.

7. Can I use a key fob instead of the Amilia ID?

Yes. Key fobs are supported by using custom membership numbers instead of the Amilia ID. Key fobs should work with a scanner. Read below to find out how to assign custom membership numbers (that can be used for fobs). 👇

8. How can I assign a custom Membership number to my clients?

The ability to assign a personalized membership number is achieved in the Account > Forms subtab. We recommend creating a new Adult and/or Child form, and enabling the 'Membership number' question to Visible/Required/Admin optional. This form should not be assigned to any of your activities or memberships (this will keep clients from seeing this field on their registration forms).

When finished, return to the client's file in the Account members subtab, select to view All forms and the membership number field will be visible for an administrator to complete.

👉 Unlike the Amilia ID, there is a possibility of having duplicate custom Membership numbers. SmartRec can't discern if a custom Membership number has already been assigned to another client. Be sure to track the numbers you are issuing.

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