Wish Lists allow your clients to bookmark their favorite activities and pick up where they left off when they return. This is a great way to let your clients save the activities they are unsure of buying in the moment or even bookmark them ahead of time so they can find and register for the activities as soon as registration windows open up.

Additionally, keeping an eye on those wish list numbers can help your organization know which activities are in high demand so you can plan additional classes if needed as well as offer targeted promotions to your clients!

Enabling Wish Lists for your organization

To enable wish lists, visit the App Store and activate the Wish Lists app.

What happens once you enable Wish Lists?

For clients

As soon as you activate the app, a heart icon will appear next to the activities in your online store and a new Wish List tab will appear in the top navigation as seen below.

Your clients will then be able to perform the following actions:

  • Add activities to their wish lists by clicking on the heart (Note: if an activity is cancelled, clients won’t be able to add it to their wish list)

  • Access their wish list by clicking on the Wish List tab in the top navigation

  • Remove activities from their wish list

  • Be able to see when an activity on their wish list is full

  • Search and sort activities in the wish list

  • Register for activities directly through their wish list

Admins can't see a client’s wish list when impersonating them in the online store.

For admins

As an admin, you will be able to see which activities are on clients’ wish lists in your Home tab as seen below. The list will order activities from most wished for to least wished for.

If you archive a program whose activities are on clients’ wish lists, the system will automatically remove them from the list so that nobody registers for archived activities.

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