We've collected feedback from participants in the cost recovery project through surveys and interviews to see how we can improve our software. You told us you needed more details about your data and faster adjustments. Our development team built new functionalities into the cost recovery software to improve visibility and speed. Here is a round-up of each change, organized by page.

Cost Recovery page

New Column: Import total hours

A new column called Imported total hours is now available, which shows the amount of hours associated with each service. You can choose to see or hide this column by ticking the box under Columns on the table showing service.

When selected you can see the Imported total hours column for each activity on the cost recovery page. Previously this information was only available in the excel download.

Edit more data

You are now able to edit Participants, Imported total hours and Net revenue for each activity by clicking on the corresponding row.

Note that this data is only editable if the source was an upload, not if it was synched from SmartRec directly. As before, the following fields are still editable: Service Categories, Facility and Direct Costs.

Breakdown of direct costs

If you click on an activity row you can see how much of each direct cost was attributed to each activity.

For more details you can hold the mouse over each cost and it will show the total cost amount and how it is attributed to the activities.

Just like before you can add more costs to an activity. Select the activity row and click on the triangle on the right hand side of the cost boxes.

Costs page

Assigned count

The direct costs table has a new column called Assigned count which shows how many activities were linked to that specific direct cost.

Check that you assigned each cost, by making sure there are no zero activities linked.

Time-Saving Tip

Smaller costs don't need to be linked to as many activities as higher cost since the increase in accuracy doesn't justify the increase in time investment.

Layout optimized for visibility

For better visibility, the three tables showing Direct costs, Administrative Costs and Facility indirect costs are now aligned underneath each other, in this order.

Mass Assign page

Location Filter & Column

It's now possible to search by location in order to apply costs faster. The Location column now displays the location/facility where the activity takes place.

Wide cost drop-down

The cost drop-down is now wider to accommodate long names.

👉 If you have further feedback or ideas for improvements please get in touch with your account manager.

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