Whether it’s a tornado warning, a coach who called in sick, or a facility maintenance issue – you can now cancel a single occurrence from your session and issue credit if need be. Keep reading to learn how.

Method 01: Through the Activities tab

Step 01

Go to Activities > Registration and select the occurrence you wish to cancel from the list on the page.

Step 02

Select ‘Cancel activity occurrence’ from the Operations dropdown.

Step 03

Pick the occurrence you wish to cancel, decide if you want to issue credit and choose the amount, send an email notification, or return a pass (if a multipass was used) as seen below. You will also be able to issue credit to drop-ins.

Step 04

Preview and confirm cancellation.

Method 02: Through the Facilities calendar

Alternately, you can cancel an occurrence directly from your Facilities > Calendar by simply clicking on the occurrence and choosing ‘cancel the occurrence’.

As soon as you click, the same flow as above will be prompted for you to preview and confirm the cancellation.

It's that simple!

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