Sending mass emails to clients can be very useful if you have a message or update that needs to be communicated to several members of your client base. In this article we will go over the following:

  1. Compose and send mass email

  2. View sent emails

1. Compose and send mass email

You can send mass email communications from Clients > Accounts as well as Clients > People. The only difference is the filters available for choosing your audience (as seen in the screenshot below) so choose the alternative that suits your requirements.

To gauge which might be better, consider the purpose of your communication and who the primary recipient needs to be. While you may wish to send Activity or Allergy related communications to everyone associated with an account, you might want to send membership or billing related communications to just the account owner, so you don’t spam your clients with too many emails.

Whether you choose to send your mass email via Accounts or People, the same two-step process applies! Let’s use Clients > People as an example.

Step 1: Use a filter to define your audience

To filter your audience, click on ‘Add filter’ and define your filtering parameters as seen below.

For example, you might want to send a request asking everyone who has a medical condition to make sure that the medical information on their account is up-to-date. You can do so by choosing the ‘Has a medical condition’ filter. Once you select the name of your campaign, everyone from your client list who has a medical condition will appear in the list below.

Mass select the list of clients by checking this box:

You can also select the names one at a time if you only want to send the email to specific people on the list.

Step 2: Compose your email

Click on the Operations menu and choose ‘Send e-mail’.

This will open the email box and the email addresses of everyone in your audience will automatically appear in the ‘To’ field as seen below.

You can create your email, include one attachment, and also request read receipts. Click the ‘submit’ button to send the mass email when you’re ready!

2. View sent emails

You can view sent emails from the Communications tab as seen below.

Step 1:

To view the body of your mass email communications, choose the one you want from the list that appears on your screen.

Step 2:

Click on the name of a recipient who has received the email.

Step 3:

On their profile, under ‘Account Members’, click on 'Email' and then choose ‘Previous emails’.

Step 4:

From the list that appears, choose the one you want by clicking on ‘View’ and its contents will appear on your screen as seen below.

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