Once your skills have been created, you can use them to restrict registrations for a specific activity. Participants must have the necessary skill(s) assigned to their account to register.

Skills can also be used to bypass the age requirements for a given activity, meaning that a participant must have either the required age to register or the chosen skill in their file in order to register.  

To make a skill mandatory for registration, go to the Activity>Edit subtab and choose an activity.

  • Scroll down to the Skills section and check the This activity requires the following skill(s) box.

  • Choose whether you want the Validation mode to be Restrictive or Extended.
    Restrictive: Only participants who have been tagged with the skill(s) selected will be able to register for this activity.
    Extended: By selecting this option, participants who have the required skill and meet the required age you specify here, can register for the activity. For example, an activity may have an age restriction that only allows for 18yrs of age, however younger participants (within the age range you specify) can also register if they have the skill.

  • Select a Restriction type to determine if all selected skills are required to register for the activity or if participants with at least one selected skill can register.

  • Then, check the skill(s) you want to link to the activity and click Save at the bottom of the page.

Mandatory skills are visible to clients in the activity information in the store.

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