Skills can be used for categorizing your clients, keeping note when a client has achieved a certain level and assigning specific categories for classes and competitions. This way, you can keep track of a participant's progress over time, as well as the frequency of his/her assessments.

Admins with the right Skills permissions can assign skills to a participant and keep track of when the skill was assigned to the participant.

Once assigned, the skill is visible to the participant in their personal account.

Create a Skill

In the Skills tab, click on +New Skill:

  • Choose a Type of skill from the list or create a New type. You must create at least one Type, which you can subsequently assign to several skills to categorize them (ex: recreational, competitive, national, etc.).

  • Write the Name and the Description of the skill.

  • You can always uncheck the Active box to deactivate a skill. When you create a new skill, the box is checked by default.

You can also add restrictions to your skill (age or gender).

  • Required gender: Only participants from the selected gender may have the skill attributed. It is possible to choose more than one option (ex: Female and Prefer not to say).

  • Age: Select the minimum and maximum ages and whether the participant must have reached that age on the date of attribution or a date you specify.

If you choose to add restrictions to your skill, we suggest toggling the Date of Birth and/or Gender option on your Form to Visible Required.

When you are done, click Save. You can then assign a skill to your clients.

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