Selecting a default client for each workstation makes it easier and faster to manage your sales. Since each transaction needs to be linked to a client account, creating a default client eliminates the need to enter the name of a new client for each transaction.
Additionally, it could be useful to have a different default client for each of your workstations, as it makes it easier to view transactions in the End of shift report.

Is the default workstation linked to the admin account?

The default workstation is linked to your browser's cookies. This means that an admin account can set many default workstations if different browsers or computers are used.
We recommend to set one default station by computer.
NOTE: If a default workstation has already been assigned to a browser, it will automatically open. However, if you clear the cookies in the browser, you will need to set the default workstation again.

Can multiple employees use the same workstation? 

A workstation can be used by multiple employees when a Shared account is created. To keep track of who is responsible for each transaction, create a PIN for each employee that will be using the shared account. For more information on configuring a shared account, click here.

Where does the optional note I add to the order appear?

When you make a sale in the Point of Sale, you have the possibility to add a note to the order.  This note is only visible to the admin and will not appear on the client's invoice. You can see the note you added in the Client Billing tab. Click on the + icon of the invoice to see the note appear in the Admin comments box.
The note is also visible in reports (ex: Breakdown of sales report) in the Comments section.

How can a client pay by credit card using a payment terminal?

If a client wants to pay by credit card using a payment terminal, select Other form of payment and Type>Credit card. The Credit card blue button only allows the payments to be processed via the merchant account, as it normally would with an online payment in your Amilia store.

How can I export multiple End of shift reports at the same time?

Every time you close a workstation, you have the possibility to export the End of shift report. If you want to have access to many reports at the same time, you can do this in the Shifts subtab. 

  • Select the desired workstations (or check the box next to the Workstation column to select all workstations on the page).

  • Click on Operations>End of shift report.

  • NOTE: You can only export the End of shift report of workstations showing on the same page. By selecting from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page, you can export up to 100 shifts per page.  

How can I see the transactions for shifts currently in process?

If you are an admin with the appropriate permission, you will have access to the End of shift report. You can export this report even if the workstation is not closed to see every transaction that has been processed.

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