You can decide who is able to register to each activity and when. This can be useful if you allow pre-registrations for a select group. 

NOTE: You can use the mass edit tool to assign registration periods simultaneously to multiple activities within the same program.

Who can register for this activity? If you select multiple groups during a single registration period, participants must meet at least one (one or the other) of the criteria specified.

  • Existing Clients: Only participants with an existing invoice from your organization can register to the activity.

  • Community Segments: Only participants within the selected Community Segment(s) can register to the activity. NOTE: Community Segments needs to be activated.

  • Everyone: There is no restriction to who can register to the activity. 


  • If multiple registration periods overlap, they will all be taken into consideration.   Ex: Sept 1st-20th = Existing clients      Sep 2nd-20th = Community segments
    On Sept 1st, only existing clients will be able to register. On Sept 2nd, if you're an existing client, OR part of the community segment, you can register.

  • Create as many registration periods as needed. When no registration period is active, anyone can register to the activity. If you add Restrictions, Skills or Community Segments criteria, participants must meet these criteria in addition to the registration period criteria.

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