It's important to share with your clients and administrators when your organization is closed for holidays, vacation and/or maintenance.

❗ A closed day in the Account>Calendar subtab doesn't 'close' the schedule in the Facilities calendar, but it's considered a booking that lasts all day. Admins can still book the schedule, activities that are linked to the facility can still be booked... but clients can't book the facility online in any way (online bookings, private lessons) because it's considered booked already.

How it Works

1. Configure Closed Days in the Calendar

2. See Closed Days while Creating Activities

3. How Clients see Closed Days 

1. Configure Closed Days in the Calendar

In the Account>Calendar subtab:

  • Click on Operations> +New.

  • Configure the Date, Name of the closure and a Description. The description is never visible to clients.  

  • Click Save. The closure is added to the calendar. 

  • Click the Modify button in the right table to modify a closure at any time. You can also click on the date directly in the calendar.  

Admins will also see closed days in the Facilities>Calendar subtab as well as when creating or editing activities in the Activities>Edit subtab.  

2. See Closed Days while Creating Activities

Admins can determine if a closed day applies to a scheduled activity.

In the Activities>Edit subtab:

  • Click on the applicable activity. 

  • In the Schedule & Resources section, check to see if you have any conflicts with your holidays

  • Clicking on the conflicting ones opens a table of the activity's occurrences that fall on a day that your organization is closed. You can keep them as is, modify the date the occurrence takes place or simply skip that occurrence so it doesn't happen. 

3. How Clients see Closed Days

Clients can see your organization's closed days in their user account, in your store and on an applicable invoice. 

Personal Account

A closed day is represented by a pink box that includes the organization's name and the title of the closed day.  Closed days only appear in a client's calendar if they've purchased an item from the organization's store. 

In the Store

When clicking on an activity's details in the store, clients can see if an activity (or drop-in) schedule is affected by your organization's closed days. Closed days are not displayed unless they affect an activity's schedule. 

On an Invoice

If an activity's schedule is affected by your organization's closed days, clients will see a notice on their invoice after purchasing an applicable activity. 

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