In order to pay your corporate balance, you need to make sure that your personal account can access your corporate account. You can find out by accessing the SmartRec platform in Admin mode and going to the Account tab then the Administrators sub-tab. To ensure you have access to the corporate account, simply look for the asterisk next to your name.

When you are certain that you can access your corporate account, simply click on your username as it appears in the upper-right corner of the page and select Corporate Account. 

NOTE: You can go back to the account management screen by clicking on your username again and selecting Administration.


On the left-hand side, you will find Account Statements on the menu. You can access this section to pay off an unpaid bill. You will find a list of account statements to review. Here is what it should look like:

Click on the

to the right of a statement to view a summary, or download a more detailed version ( great way to view individual invoices associated to the bill). Before paying any statement, it is strongly encouraged to verify the contents of the statement.

If a statement has a Partially paid or Unpaid status, click on Make payment to enter your payment information and complete the transaction by selecting Make payment.


By clicking on the Billing section of your Corporate account, you can review past invoices (anytime you sold memberships to your athletes) and see the total owed by your organization. You can also see individual payments your organization made to the Federation.

It is possible to pay the entire balance at once in this section. Your federation may also accept partial payments, depending on their settings.

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