Group creation comes in handy if an activity calls for participants to be split up based on certain criteria (team requirements, age, gender, skill level, etc...). To manage grouping, go to the Activities>Registration subtab and click on the activity name and then the Group tab.

Session and drop-in participants can be grouped as you see fit and are shown in the Session and Groups subtabs. as well as when printing your attendance lists.

How to manually create custom groups

To create a new custom group:

  • Click + New Group and give it a name. Create as many as needed.

  • The group will appear to the right of your list of Unassigned Persons.

  • Click and drag each participant to the appropriate group.

How to create random groups

Create random groups with the group creation assistant:

  • Indicate how many groups you want to create.

  • Session-based participants will be grouped automatically.

  • Click and drag your participants into the groups. You can shuffle them into another group or click and drag on their name to move them on your own.

  • You can still add manual groups by clicking +New Group.

❗ Random groups don't support automatic pairing with a friend.

How to pair with a friend

It's always nice spending time with a friend! SmartRec helps you pair a participant with a friend if both participants are registered for the same activity. Here's how two linked friends appear on your group page:

Random groups don't support automatic pairing with a friend. You can move a participant to another group manually.

Instructions on how to pair (i.e. link) with a friend

Link friends in the Clients>People tab:

  • Click Operations and then Link friends.

  • Search the name of the participant and click the Change button.

  • Search the name of the friend. Once found, click the Select button.

  • If a name appears under the 'Real friend' column, the link was successful!

👉 When linking two friends, you need to repeat the process for both participants.

A great way to know if someone wants to be paired with a friend is by including a question on your child form which allows them to indicate they have a friend. If they do, when linking friends, you'll see a participant's name under the 'Friend (form)' column. You still need to perform the actual link so that it is visible on the Groups tab.

Modify or Delete a Group

At any time, you can change a group name by clicking the crayon icon. You can delete a group by clicking the garbage can icon.

If you delete a group, its participants return to the 'Unassigned Persons' list.

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