The Pro Rata feature is accessible in your activities configuration and can only be applied to session-based activities when there is a start and end date set up in the schedule. 

To configure Pro Rata for an activity, go to Activities>Edit:

  • Click on New activity or select an existing activity.

  • In the Session section, check Enable purchasing this activity as a session and set the price for your activity.

  • Check Use this proportional deduction to enable Pro Rata.

  • Set an amount, select if this amount is entered in $ or %, then choose if it will be applied by day, week, month or class.
    NOTE: This amount will be deducted depending on the passed occurrences. Ex: A session of 25 classes cost $200. If 10 classes have passed and you've set a pro rata of $10/class (10 x $10 = $100), clients will pay $100 ($200 - $100 = $100) for the 15 classes left.

  • Write down a minimum fee. Even when prorated, the activity's price will never go below this fee

  • Check whether you allow discounts on the prorated activity.
    When this option is activated, promotions tied to activity will apply until the cost reaches 0$. When this option is not activated, no promotion will apply as soon as the prorated cost start.

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