With SmartRec, our goal is to save you time so you can focus on what matters most. This is why we developed a tool which allows you to simultaneously edit multiple activities that require the same settings.

You will be able to mass edit the following fields:

  • Category

  • Subcategory

  • Name of Activity

  • Billing Label

  • Ledger code

  • Tags

  • Location (type field) and Display Location on invoice

  • Description

  • Prerequisites

  • Note and Display note on the invoice

  • Additional Information

  • Contact person at the organization

  • Status

  • Registration periods

  • Taxes

  • Image

  • Restrictions (Age & Gender)

  • Wait list

  • Skills

  • Required Memberships

  • Subscription (how many plans are applicable to this activity)

  • Linked Merchandise

You won’t be able to mass edit the following fields:

  • Schedules & Resources

  • Session

  • Drop-ins

  • Payments

Mass Edit Step by Step

1. Via the Activities>Edit tab, choose your program.

2. Place a checkmark next to the activities you wish to mass edit. You must select at least 2 activities.

3. Click on Operations and select Mass Edit. Notice the header in the right edit screen.

IMPORTANT : All activities you've selected will be subject to changes you make while in Mass Edit mode. Be very careful!

4. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and save your changes!

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