Management of the contacts already in the account:

As of now, it is possible to edit the contacts directly from the Account Members sub-tab of the Clients tab. In order to do so, you only have to select the contact in the Contacts section.

Click on a Person and then click on Contacts.

A form giving you the ability to modify the information provided by the client will appear. Note that the SIN is only mandatory for the secondary legal guardian in order for them to get a share of the RL24.

Add a new contact and modify it's relationship:

If there's already a contact linked to the person you'll be able to modify the following information:

  • Relationship: This drop-down menu let you select the relationship to the person. Note the Other option.

  • Role: The role can be one of the three (3) shown on the previous image.

  • RL-24 Tax Credit: Here you can define the % of the RL-24 Tax Credit that would be applied for the Legal Guardians

In order to add a new contact just click on the Add button.

A new window will be prompted to you.

In the drop down menu, you'll be able to select a contact in the client's account. If the person isn't in the list, just click on Add new contact. You'll then have the choice to add a person that already exists, or to add a completely new contact to the account.

In the first case, select the person using the Radio Button and click on Add selected person.

In the case where the desired contact isn't already there, you'll have to click on Add new account member and fill in the information as requested.

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