The first step to selling Federation Memberships to your athletes is picking out which of the Memberships apply to your club. This will need to be done once a year only, unless your membership offerings change, but it is an essential part of the membership resale process!

Setting up your memberships for resale

1. Log into SmartRec and click on your email address to access the Administration Interface. This interface is easily recognizable by the Dashboard with graphs that appears to greet you.

2. In the menu on the left, click on Memberships

3. From the menu at the top, select Warehouse.

The warehouse contains all the memberships your Federation has created for clubs like yours to resell, but they most likely don’t all apply to you. Find a membership you are interested in selling to your athletes.

4. Click on Configure to select the membership and begin making changes.

  • Inactive/Active: Select the Active radio button to enable the sale of this membership within your club. (Inversely, click next to Inactive to disable it.)

  • Name: Your Federation has given this membership a name. If this name is not recognized by athletes and parents within your organization, you may change it.

  • Description: Your Federation has provided a description for this membership. If you’d like to add to it or replace it with your own customized content, simply type into the box.

  • Price: Enter the resale price as you wish to charge it to your clients.

The original price that appears for the membership is what will be invoiced to you by your Federation at the moment of resale. If you are charging your clients a different amount, YOU MUST ENTER THAT AMOUNT HERE. This will not change the amount invoiced by your Federation, only the price charged to your clients.

  • Visibility: Select Everyone if you’ll be allowing your athletes and/or their parents to purchase this membership online by themselves (usually in connection with a registration to an activity).
    Note: All clubs who are paying SmartRec clients should select “Everyone” unless, for some reason, this membership can only be sold/granted by an administrator. Freemium clubs where SmartRec only serves to update your federation should select Administrators Only.

  • Method of Payment: Pick a payment method. Typically, this should match the payment methods you are accepting for your activities. Online means that you accept credit cards and/or eChecks. Offline refers to cash or paper cheques.

5. Click on


Repeat these 5 easy steps for each membership you would like to resell.

It is essential to select ALL the memberships you will be reselling prior to either linking them to your activities if you are a paying SmartRec client, or prior to uploading your member lists, if you are a Freemium club.

To compare the initial information provided by the Federation and the new data you have entered, click on Details, on the right-hand side of the screen.

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