You can assign as many skills as you want to participants to organize them in specific levels, classes or categories.

There are 2 ways you can assign a skill to a participant:

Individual assignment

You can assign a skill to members in a specific account in the Clients tab.

  • First, find the client's account and hit the Skills subtab.

  • Click on Add skill for the targeted account member.

  • A new window appears to choose the skill you want to assign to the member. Only the skills for which the participant meets the restrictions are displayed in the drop-down menu

You may also Send a confirmation email to the client. Whether you choose to or not, the skills you assign will be visible to clients in their personal account, under Members > Forms by organization > Skills.

Mass Assign

It is possible to locate a group of participants and assign everyone the same skill by using the Mass assign tool via Skills>Mass assign.

You then have to:

1. Find your clients by membership or activity.

  • By membership: select the desired membership and choose an activation date

  • By activity: choose the desired program and activity.

2. Select skill to be assign from the drop-down list.

  • Choose the Type of skill, then check-mark the skill you want to assign.

  • It is only possible to choose one skill at a time and you will only see active skills.

3. Select persons you want to attribute the skill.

  • The list of participants displayed is determined by the choice you make during step 1.

  • You can manually select the desired participants or check Select the persons on this page to assign the skill to all members on the page.

Only the persons on the visible page will be selected. If you have more than one page of eligible participants, check Select all the persons to assign the skill to all members pulled in the research filter.

  • When all desired members are selected, click on Assign at the bottom of the page.

You can also choose to Send a notification e-mail to the selected persons by checking the box before you submit your changes. All concerned persons will then be informed of the new skill assignment. 

The skills you assign will be visible to clients in their personal account.

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